i6net @ VoiceTech Paris 2019
November 25, 2019
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Meeting with Artematica and Ulex/i6net at Lyon

On the Valentine’s Day 2023, we met an old I6net customer from Catania , named Artematica. Sergio is using VXI®, since 2012 to build multi-modal service portals: TheWoice® platform . The telephone is the preferred channel for its customers. TheWoice® is now SAAS, and is pushing to be a complete turnkey product.

These days they need to add new features and upgrade to the latest version of Voximal®. We are now offering our experience on VoiceXML and vocal application to help them to bring TheWoice® to next level.

Artematica shares many values with us, like this one from their website : “The best form of communication is the word, but by itself it is not enough”