VXI* 11
Released: 01/12/2014
  • add: Support for Vestec binary grammars.
  • mod: Correction to disable the account mark.
  • mod: Correction with the object Curl and Json parsing.
  • add: Add new log file (voicexml.log) generated from tag <log>.
  • mod: Add property interdigittimeout default value set to 3s.
  • add: Add support JSON parsing to the <object> Curl.
  • mod: Correction to avoid mode='' with inline grammars.
  • add: Add support for the Asterisk Festival application.
  • mod: Restore compatibility with Asterisk 1.4.
  • mod: Disable the grammars of the field before processing its <filled>.
  • mod: Correction VXI crash if VoiceXML document is <xml>&lt/xml> (OVH).
  • mod: Correction VXI crash if debian 7 64bits.
  • add: Add mode parseSrgs=dtmf to check always the grammar content.
  • add: Add DTMF properties to the ASR engine.
  • mod: Corrections to support the Nuance Call Steering (grammars).
  • add: Add parameter recordrewind to disable the 1/4s of cut and the end of the record.
  • mod: Pass the DTMF to the speech API if mode speechbargein is forced.
  • add: Mode uri for the parseSRGS option (pass the URLs of the grammars to the ASR engine).
  • mod: Load when enable the dynamic grammars (grammars with srcexpr).
  • mod: Force UTF8 encoding for the grammar files.
  • mod: Change the default value of speechscore to 0.
  • mod: Correction issue with dtmf input without length.
  • mod: Support 's' unit in maxage and maxstale attributs (for Nuance Call Steering).
  • mod: Remove error event if multiple varaiable declarations with .
  • mod: Add shaddow variables if NLSML have extra tags.
  • mod: Correction for noinput/nomatch events with uniMRCP.
  • mod: Remove ;jsession= in the base URL for the TTS cache.
  • mod: Disable the ECMAscript strict mode.
  • mod: Correction fo Verbio sensibility.
VXI* 10
Released: 09/04/2014
  • mod: Set transfer variable if callee hangup (near_end_disconnect).
  • add: Internal objects to process function:, set:, get:, execute: and application: prefix.
  • mod: No wait after a grammar command.
  • add: Integration of Ressource Speech for Google Speech API.
  • add: Porting to Asterisk 11/12.
  • mod: Support original NLSML content response from uniMRCP.
  • mod: Pass SWI* properties (Nuance ASR parameters) to the ASR engine.
VXI* 8.2
Released: 16/12/2013
  • mod: Set VXML_ERROR if an account reach the max limit.
  • add: Add parameter ‘speechmaxtimeout’ (use property maxspeechtimeout too).
  • add: Add parameter ‘systemname’ for asterisk (force name).
  • mod: Change SpiderMonket library (1.5 to 1.8).
  • add: Added the parameter speechtimeout.
  • mod: Correction to support completetimeout with Verbio.
  • mod: Correction to pop the ASR/VAD (‘s’) event if it is a DTMF inband.
  • mod: Correction to support the option maxlength in the builtin grammars.
  • mod: Correction to unmatch voice grammars with DTMF results.
  • mod: Correction throw a nomatch if input different to length parameter with dtmf.
  • mod: Correction of unclosed SSML files.
  • mod: Correction to enable global grammars in .
  • mod: Correction to use count=0 to enable the reprompt feature.
  • mod: Correction to support termchar with DTMF events.
  • mod: Correction for Verbio ASR, to call once SPEECH_ENGINE(langiso).
  • mod: Corrections in internal NLSML conversion/parsing.
  • mod: Catch hangup event during record.
VXI* 8.1
Released: 30/10/2013
  • add: Support dynamic ABNF grammars (from option/menus).
  • mod: Set default inputmodes to “dtmf voice”.
  • add: Get interrupted DTMF from synthMRCP.
  • mod: Correction when speechunload=no (desactivate the grammar if unfree).
  • mod: Correction bug in the filenames for the cache.
  • add: Function VXML(mixmonitor), get default mixmonitor filename.
  • mod: ASR timeout property set to milliseconds.
  • mod: Small change for MRCPsynth.
  • add: Feature to play an audio when waiting for an free VoiceXML channel.
  • mod: Correction in the option cordial.
  • add: Apache logs for service statistics.
  • mod: Return Ok when the speechunload is set.
  • mod: Correction to support the ASR ‘hypothesis’.
  • add: Added Flac record format (for google API).
  • mod: Correction set the max speech timeout from 10s to 60s.
VXI* 8.0
Released: 28/06/2013
  • add: Pass the speech properties to the ASR engine (configure sendProperties).
  • add: URI checks (rfc2806) with prefix ‘tel:’ in dest .
  • mod: Add reference uri: for uniMRCP grammars.
  • mod: Correction of lastresult$.recordingsize.
  • add: Add the file size recorded (shadow variable $.size).
  • add: Throw error.noressource if the ASR is disable instead of error.grammar.
  • mod: Throw disconnect.hangup only once (after exit execution).
  • add: Record audio silence before the VAD dectection.
  • add: Support of the timeout property for the record.
  • mod: Added support connectiontimeout and maxtime for blind transfer.
  • mod: Correction for special values returned by the Verbio ASR.
  • mod: Correction to support HTTP proxy rules.
  • add: Play/record FLV files (for RTMP channel).
  • mod: Correction to use an executable content inside a .
  • add: Support of the recordutterance property.
  • mod: Change the cache key for the audio (skip parameters from the url base).
  • add: Parameter speechconcatenate used to merge the ASR results to a single string.
  • mod: Correction of transfers results and events.
  • add: Support of (added to block too).
  • add: Support of fetchaudio with delay and min properties.
  • mod: Correction hangup event when the caller hung up.
  • mod: Correction VXI crash if bad encoding with a script.
  • add: Added the builtin grammar ‘dtmf/touchtone’.
  • mod: Support of HawHaw’s generated grammars.
  • add: Support of and XML dom parsing.
  • mod: Integration of the last W3C schema.
  • mod: Improvment with .
  • add: Support of .
  • add: Parameter to force the SSML format.
  • add: Use of MRCPsynth for the TTS (method MRCP)
  • add: Support of consultation transfert (mode keepcontext added too).
  • add: Support of srcexpr attribut.
  • add: Support of namelist attribut.
  • add: VoiceXML 2.1 support.
  • mod: Add ‘HttpOnly’ attribut for the Cookies.
  • add: Added CLI command vxml reset statistics.
  • add: Added CLI command vxml set debug.
VXI* 7.1
Released: 17/09/2012
  • mod: Correction for the Verbio ASR with SRGS grammars.
  • add: Parameter speechunload to disable the unloadgrammar functions.
  • add: Range numbers and IP for the accounts.
  • add: Support the prefix “uri:” for the grammars.
  • add: Parameter originatedelay2 (time to wait for the originate retry).
  • mod: Correction Object execution (disabled with the traces).
  • mod: CURL with SSL support enabled.
  • add: Account parameter to play an audio if account limit reached.
  • add: Account parameter to change the volume.
  • mod: Correction coredump in the curl object.
  • mod: Correction for the score value for Vestec.
VXI* 7.0
Released: 15/02/2012
  • mod: Correction for S_ISREG symbol not found (load module).
  • add: Special mode for , namelist with “.” not clear eventcounters.
  • add: Account parameter ‘wait’, wait before start the VoiceXML browser.
  • add: Option account force ‘vxml’ to disable ‘@’ execution.
  • add: Prefix “record:” to access to the recorded local messages (record dest).
  • add: Add attribute ‘dest’/’destexpr’ to the record (record in recorddirectory).
  • add: Parameter to control the originate delay.
VXI* 6.3
Released: 05/01/2012
  • add: Support of date/time DTMF builtin grammars.
  • add: Configuration parameter to disable to touch the entries (no write in the table).
  • add: Support audio attributes maxage and maxstale.
  • mod: Correction of the false VXI connection lost.
  • add: Parameter monitorformat to set the monitor file format.
  • mod: Support attribut expr in the tag grammar to evaluate the url (not standard).
  • mod: Support attribut tag in the tag grammar (not standard).
  • add: New transfer prefix “outgoing:”, better then the standard originate.
VXI* 6.2
Released: 11/08/2011
  • mod: Correction to support the Dial alternative without the tel: prefix.
  • mod: Correction add a fixe maxspeechtimeout to extend the timeout.
  • add: Option to execute a CLI command after the load (for chan_h323).
  • add: Option to load a dynamic library (for chan_h323).
  • add: Monitor option to record the VoiceXML session.
  • mod: Correction in Verbio/builtin grammar support.
VXI* 6.1
Released: 25/05/2011
  • add: Support builtin grammar with uniMPRC (Loquendo).
  • mod: Support of audio calls with VAD for the speech/ASR (Loquendo issue).
  • add: Added XML/Text parser with the CURL object.
  • mod: Correction to not send 100-Continue when body is empty.
  • mod: Default optimize mode set to disabled.
  • add: Added mixmonitor parameter to enable the call recording (randomize possible).
  • mod: Corrections in the speechrecord parameter (randomize records).
  • mod: Corrections in the ASR result response.
VXI* 6.0
Released: 22/03/2011
  • add: License option to disable the VoiceXML session.
  • add: CLI command originate to generate a call (and link it to the vxml application).
  • add: Callback feature (transfer blind, with connecttimeout null).
  • add: Modes autoanswer=ringing and force=ringing.
  • mod: Correction crash with the HTTP VoiceXML objects.
  • add: Option to record the speech sequences (audio + results).
  • add: Alternative TTS/TTV URLs.
  • add: Feature to Dial 2 channels simultaneously, or as an alternative.
  • add: Option to decode the URL in the Asterisk module.
  • add: TTY/TDD send/receive from VoiceXML (first step).
  • add: Support RFC5552 (exit/result in the BYE), update the SIP channel patch.
  • add: Support RFC5552 (only the VoiceXML URL in the INVITE), needs a SIP channel patch.
VXI* 5.2
Released: 30/11/2010
  • mod: Modification to support the audiofetch.
  • mod: Correction in the fonction wait/silence (wait for openvxi).
  • add: Add the parameter dialnumbersonly to filter called numbers.
  • mod: Change the open sequence for better reactivity.
  • mod: Increase the number of accounts to 200.
  • add: File descriptors counters (with show top).
  • add: Average statistiques (duration, response and CAPS).
  • mod: Replace the nanohttp library by the libcurl.
  • add: Extra parameters in the transfer (after mark ‘,’) for to the Dial command.
  • add: Command line parameters -U and -G to change the OpenVXI linux user/group.
  • mod: Correction for uniMRCP to stop the speech/ASR engine.
  • mod: Correction for disable bargein with the speech/ASR.
  • add: Increase the Asterisk compatibility (disable the using the channel context).
  • mod: Ignore the ASR result if a DTMF interaction occured.
  • add: Support the attribut repeat for SRGS/XML DTMF grammars.
  • add: Options to pass all the SRGS/XML grammars to the ASR engine (voice and DTMF).
  • add: Support for Asterisk 1.8.
  • add: Add the context support in the app_vxml redirect (‘@exten@context’).
  • mod: Correction for MDTel (shadow ‘out’ value set).
  • add: Option parseSRGS to disable the SRGS parsing in the browser.
  • mod: Correction for speech unimrcp and Nuance (support out=).
  • mod: Correction of the session contexts initalisation (ctx->url).
  • mod: Enable the cdrupdate in case of vxml(@) using.
  • mod: Correction to enable the H323 license option.
  • add: Add the parameter param (to force the session.param variable in the VoiceXML context).
  • add: Add the parameter priorityevents.
  • mod: Correction for Vestec ASR (word compare without case sensitive).
VXI* 5.1
Released: 02/09/2010
  • mod: Corrections for the ASR (speech).
  • mod: Correction to use the separator char parameter.
  • add: Dialer, H232, RTMP options.
  • mod: Correction of uninitialized account index in the context.
  • mod: Correction of the nomatch when digits/minlength=1.
  • mod: Correction to return the result/value of an executed application.
  • mod: Corrections of the annoncement feature (Karaoke function with the record).
  • mod: Correction of the Verbio Speech timeout.
  • mod: Close the opendir when monitor action tries to purge the cache.
  • mod: Remove “{out=value}” in the gererate ABNF grammars.
  • mod: Disable the CDR modifications with cdrupdate=no.
VXI* 5.0
Released: 25/05/2010
  • mod: Add force Flash/RTMP for the future RTMP channel.
  • mod: Correction to avoid the crash when the object http don’t get parameters.
  • mod: Correction to use h324m with Asterisk 1.6.
  • add: Support audiofetch attribut.
  • add: Cache manager to purge automatically the TTS cache.
  • mod: Use UTF-8 for srgs/xml grammars.
  • add: Porting of Vestec ASR (with asterisk speech API).
  • mod: Correction to remove null file generated by the HTTP/TTS connector.
  • add: use transfer/dest extra value ‘;ani=xxx’ to change the CALLERID number and name.
  • mod: Resize the messaging buffer.
  • mod: Correction to support refered file for the dial annnouncement.
  • mod: Correction to play mp3 streams with mp3player.
  • add: ASR/speech uniMRCP support.
  • mod: Correction in the start/strop script for Suse.
  • mod: Replace usleep function (some server don’t sleep).
  • mod: Correction to pass the parameters for with “execute:” (Asterisk 1.4).
  • mod: Correction to force ULAW/ALAW native format (parameter force=alaw).
  • mod: Correction to set different filename during the multiparts/POST.
VXI* 4.4
Released: 03/03/2010
  • add: Complete DTMF buffering during HTTP long requests.
  • add: Add paramter threshold to configure the VAD/silence (record).
  • add: Add parameter autoexit to kill asterisk if the connection with VXI is lost.
  • add: Set record maxtime shadow variable.
  • add: Improve prompt hangup and bargein (skip HTTP processing, limit queue-fill).
  • mod: Select the first account with redirection(s).
  • add: Add clean support of noinput and hangup event during the record.
  • add: Add the account parameter “force” to set Transfercapability=VIDEO.
  • mod: Improvement of the bridge transfer (use with transcode).
  • mod: Disable the msgqlock.
  • add: Add parameter videoprofile (to controle the video codec transcoder).
  • add: Check the account in the vxml(@) execution.
  • mod: Correction to control the call answer.
  • add: bridge and spawn modes for localformat.
  • mod: Add the DOCTYPE in the grammars.
  • mod: Correction in the session release (wait for playall).
  • mod: Correction for better speech support.
VXI* 4.3
Released: 11/01/2010
  • add: Property announcememory for the .
  • mod: Corrections in the “property”.
  • mod: Corrections in the features (maxtime property added).
  • add: Parameter durationlimit in the accounts.
  • add: Use the 3rd language item as the voice (en-UK-brian).
  • add: EC2 and Xen support.
  • mod: Correction to not cut float numbers and hours with the option cutprompt.
  • mod: Support of GRXML in DTMF mode.
  • add: Parameter messaging to control the MWI notification.
  • mod: Correction for the originate feature.
  • mod: Correction to allow the Video Conference (Konference integration).
  • add: Optimization option (disable full parsing).
  • add: builtin:amd grammar to detect the Ansering Machines.
  • mod: Get the variable result of a application, application:app()=RES.
  • mod: Corrections for the Fax support (return number of pages)
  • mod: Enable to execute Applications after the hangup.
  • add: Integration with the Dialer.
  • add: Build modules for Asterisk 1.6.0.x and 1.6.1.x
  • mod: Correction in the license lock.
  • mod: Set the DTMF dial timeout and duration (dial:xxxx,timeout,duration)
  • mod: Use the values 99/98 in the confidence attribut for events/field.
  • mod: Updates for the Asterisk 1.6.1.x (ast_dsp_set_digitmode).
VXI* 4.2
Released: 17/09/2009
  • mod: Correction for speech using (disable speech if no grammar active).
  • mod: Support returning speech results during controled prompts.
  • add: Support VOICE/SRGS (application/srgs+xml) load grammars.
  • add: Record types “format/…” to support all the Asterisk formats.
  • add: Support DTMF/JSGF (text/x-grammar-choice-dtmf) load grammars.
  • add: blindapplication parameter (select an application or use a end dial).
  • add: CDR option cdrconference to enable CDR generation for the conferences.
  • add: Add append variable/function feature (with ‘+=’).
  • mod: Correction in the read function feature.
  • add: Asterisk 1.6.1.x Porting.
  • add: Add addition version informations.
  • add: Support VCR command from the ASR/speech.
  • add: Support of ‘hotword’ with the bargeintype.
  • mod: Correction in the “uri:” prefix.
  • add: Memory for media files.
  • mod: Correction to support an empty URL.
  • mod: Correction for the 64bits portability.
  • add: object ‘delete’
  • add: URI with “originate:” to generate outgoing calls frome the tag.
  • mod: Corrections in the internal objects (string conversions).
  • add: Add the maxEvents configuration parameter.
  • mod: Support passing parameters to the conference (conf:test/M).
  • add: URI with “app:” to execute an application from the
  • mod: Stop the speech ressource on DTMF key pressed.
  • mod: Correction to check the structure of speech results.
  • mod: Correction to match an account with the name.
  • add: Add parameter speechbargein to disable the voice bargein.
VXI* 4.1
Released: 29/05/2009
  • add: CDR option cdrspeech to enable CDR generation for the speech/ASR (recognize).
  • mod: Modification in the object ‘pick’.
  • add: Prompt cut feature, cutPrompt parameter and promptcut proprerty.
  • add: Option to force a Silence (after prompts).
  • add: Support maxlength and minlength in the DTMF digits builtin grammar.
  • add: Option autohangup to hangup the call after the VoiceXML session.
  • add: Support Asterisk .h263, .h263p and .h264 files.
  • add: Set and function write from the transfer tag.
  • mod: Send DTMF modifications (for Asterisk 1.6).
  • mod: Link VXML_PARAM and VXML_AAI to session.connection.aai.
  • mod: Account matching (refund and Asterisk Dialplan patterns support).
  • add: Parameter mark for the accounts (to add a mark in the OpenVXI traces).
  • add: Additionnal marks in the logs/traces for VoiceXML hosting.
  • add: VXML_URL2 as VXML_URL alias because the channel SIP use the same variable name.
  • add: Protection against infinite loops in the account redirections.
  • mod: Set a minimal size for the msgq.
  • mod: Correction for Asterisk 1.6 (disable build options sum check).
  • add: New lock system for the i6net modules.
  • add: Add autoreload parameter alias for the configuration.
  • mod: Change the format of the prompt CDR.
  • add: Transfer “tel:function(X)” get the function value of X with the shadow $.value.
  • add: Dump the installation date.
  • add: Values of the prompt properties used for the prompt cache key.
  • mod: Reload configuration if the configuration file date change.
  • mod: Correction to disable the debug traces.
  • add: CDR option cdrparam to set the userfield with VXML_PARAM.
  • mod: Add local/remote info in the session dump.
  • mod: Mode speech=emulation (disable messages).
  • add: Use ‘@’ in the url to redirect an account to another.
  • mod: Correction for accounts, ‘*’ to catch all the numbers.
  • add: Transfer “tel:get(X)” get the extention variable value of X with the shadow $.value.
  • add: CDR option cdroverwrite to update the CDR with the variables VXML_LOCAL and VXML_DISTANT.
  • add: CDR option cdrprompt to enable CDR generation for the prompt (audio).
  • add: CDR option cdrdial to disable the CDR creation with Dial (transfer).
  • mod: Correction for the property promptbackground
  • mod: Correction for the grammars generated with
VXI* 4.0
Released: 18/01/2009
  • add: Modules for each Asterisk releases (1.4, 1.6 and videocaps)
  • add: Celudan/3Gbuilder application control
  • add: Asterisk 1.6 support
  • add: Multiple ASR/speech configuration
  • add: Set the record/termchar shadow variable
  • add: ASR score result
  • add: ASR configuration (enable GRXML dynamic grammars)
  • mod: ASR/speech integration redisgned (use Asterisk application instead the API)
  • add: ASR configuration (enable isolated and ABNF dynamic grammars)
  • add: objects ‘save’ and ‘pick’
  • add: dialformatvideo to set the transfer parameters for the video
  • mod: Enable to customize the transfer applicatuin used
  • mod: Bug license code correction for the 64bits version
  • add: Update CDR/accountcode with the name of the vxml account
  • mod: Correction of the SRGS sytnax for Lumenvox
  • mod: Correction for the jsession
  • mod: Refund of the transfer execution
  • mod: Return the rigth duration after a transfer
  • add: Keep CDR after the transfer (with Dial)
  • mod: Http 302 support (as Mozilla)
  • add: Internals parameters and dump information
  • add: Default timeout and interdigittimout configurable
  • mod: Bug timeout correction (due to timeout in prompts)
  • add: MaxLoopIterations and MaxDocuments configurable
  • add: Trace level for VoiceXML development
  • mod: Cache/localfile bug correction
  • mod: Simplification of the properties dump
  • add: Parameter speechscore to throw a nomatch
  • add: Support to audiomaxage and audiomaxstale
  • add: Option to auto reload the configuration
  • mod: Support timeout attribut of prompt section
  • mod: Correction for the coredump when using the ASR (speech)
  • add: Top dump (from the CLI Asterisk)
  • add: Add a specifc HTTP connector for the TTS/TTV (allow HTTP connected)
  • add: Enable/disable interpreter traces
  • add: Get the delay for the first command after an open
VXI* 3.1
Released: 31/08/2008
  • add: additional properties for the TextToVideo
  • mod: Disable SIGPIPE generation
  • add: Specific video URL in the accounts
  • add: Video detection
  • add: Counters (PEAK, DENIED, SPEECHS)
  • add: Set VXML_ERROR if the session cannot be open (content the cause)
  • add: End date to the session dump
  • add: Use Number (calledif)) to identify the account
  • mod: Open sessions locks
  • mod: support Jsession (java sessions)
  • mod: Start/stop script (without safe_openvxi)
  • add: Option mute to openvxi
  • mod: Disable log Stdout by default
  • add: CLI admin commands
  • mod: Remove direct chan access
  • add: alias mimitype video/3gp
  • add: VXML() asterisk function to get/set parameters
  • add: Porting for Asterisk 1.2
  • add: Priority configuration
  • add: Sessions dump
  • add: CDRupdate parameter
  • add: Asterisk vxml application dates
  • mod: vxml show application
  • add: Add the dial: transfer prefix
  • add: CDR updates at the end of the VoiceXML session
  • add: .alaw and .ulaw formats for the TTS
  • add: ASR automatic allocation
  • add: speech configuration for the accounts
  • mod: Correction in the offset object
  • mod: Small correction for CLI commands
  • add: Object property to get internal properties values
  • mod: Correction to use the MP3Player application
  • mod: Correction to support exec: in the transfer
  • add: Configuration of DTMF controls
VXI* 3.0
Released: 07/05/2008
  • mod: Remove applications integration (call from Asterisk)
  • add: Conference from the transfer tag with conf:
  • add: Call a Asterisk application fom the VoiceXML session.
  • mod: Prompt local file not exits correction (item increment removed)
  • add: Support 3gp file format extension
  • mod: Update from (12/01)
  • mod: Update from (15/12)
  • add: Test tool to check the code
  • mod: Update from (29/11)
  • add: builtin and dynamic speech grammar supported
  • mod: Number of account changed to 100
  • mod: Update from (22/10)
  • mod: License bug correction
  • add: First step of speech integration
VXI* 2.2
Released: 08/10/2007
  • mod: Update from (08/10)
  • mod: Correction to prompt local file
  • mod: Not overwrite the client.cfg for the upgrades
  • mod: Start/stop script option “kill” to purge
  • add: Offset support with audio/wav (“.wav:1233”) and property
  • mod: Change context item type : form int to long (offset)
  • mod: Remove TTS/HTTP overwriting gobal HTTP request paramaters
VXI* 2.1
Released: 12/09/2007
  • add: Infinite loop dealock detection (generate error event)
  • add: First step to support UTF-8 message from gtalk
  • mod: Update from (18/08)
  • add: DTMF interrupt / bargein during RTSP
  • add: Support simple tags.
  • add: Control VCR function for wav clips with property “control”
  • add: Dial format in the account configuration.
  • add: Support RTSP uri with
  • mod: Correction for multi-records
  • add: Accounts managment
  • mod: Bugfix for SpiderMonkey (js_FreeRuntimeScriptState)
  • mod: Invert DNI and ANI (with the same shift in the configurtion file)
  • mod: Update the ChangeLog
VXI* 2.0
Released: 30/03/2007, official release for Etch (gcc4)
  • add: QOS counters (prompts, recognizes, records …)
  • add: MP4 from Asterisk-Video (Sergio / sipfonta).
  • mod: remove ffmpeg dependencies
  • mod: remove mov / 3gp format
VXI* 1.5b
Released: 01/03/2007
  • mod: Etch support
VXI* 1.4.b2
Released: 13/02/2007
  • mod: Remove the message “Bad video codec” after the configuration load.
  • mod: Allow record multiple files
  • add: Makefile options
  • mod: Bug wrong ID grammars (0x7FFFFFF)
  • mod: Don’t lock if OpenVXI is not started
  • add: Support of mp4 file format (from app_mp4)
  • mod: termchar empty disable the “#” default key
VXI* 1.4b1
Released: 04/10/2006, first release (for distribution)
  • add: Add information files
  • add: Add licensing files
  • add: Add asterisk application source for GPL (app_vxml)
  • mod: Change the licensing interface
  • add: Option recordsilence
  • add: Option videoupdate
  • mod: Corrections for video recording