Mobile Client

Talk face-to-face through any Mobile Device

Integrate with our IVR platforms to seamlessly allow all your users to make phone calls from any mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Now, anyone with a computer and Internet connection can make and receive calls to mobile, landlines, and other devices. This software component will be delivered as an SDK to build your own Android app. ready for video calls or connect to any real time communications’ services. It shows most RTC features available from our video IVR server platforms and we deliver this client side fully customizable for any project. The current native components are built to create Android and iOS voice and video call mobile applications.


  • Fully customizable GUI (open source SWF)
  • Call transfer to an external/internal SIP extension
  • Nat pass thru / works on any WIFI / 3G / 4G
  • Dual call to SIP extension and RTMP extension
  • Video and Voice calling enabled
  • Auto-register / Auto-dial functions
  • Fullscreen for video
  • CIF/QCIF default screen sizes
  • Bandwidth management
  • Presence management
  • Integrated Chat






Fully Customizable

With our SDK. you can build any kind of mobile application with many screen sizes, buttons, fields, menus. All settings options can be managed from the app itself to allow many quality options for your video calls.

Native and Optimized App

Our SDK is built in C with the official Android NDK, it’s really fast and optimized to transcode multi-streams in real-time. We select only official development tools for Android to allow you developing the best application.

No Flash Player or Adobe Air

Our SDK doesn’t requires any Flash Player or Adobe Air plugins to keep your application independent and evolutive. As you may know Flash wasn’t working fine on any mobile OS.

Adaptive Bandwidth Management

We use a RTMP protocol to manage both audio and video RT streams. It’s much more efficient and easy to run than SIP. You can read more about it here.

Wifi and Cellular Networks enabled

You can make all your video communication over any Wifi or Cellular networks. he IP traffic cannot be considered has VoIP, it works over web to be much more reliable for operators.

Google Play and Apple Store Ready

Once ready your application can be published on the Google Play or Apple store and distributed to all your users, customers, partners. You can build your own business model over it.

Connecting to...



Web Browser




Our flagship product, VoiceXML Browser gives operators and solution providers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative voice and video applications via VoIP, PSTN, RTMP and 3G-324M networks.
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Video IVR

Video IVR

Our IVVR (or Video IVR) Server is one of the few voice and video convergent VoiceXML platform in the market. It works with voice calls as well as video calls to deploy today amazing next generation communication services.
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