Web Client

Talk face-to-face through any Web Browser

Integrate with our IVR platforms to seamlessly allow all your users to make phone calls directly from any desktop web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera,…). Now, anyone with a computer and internet connection can make and receive calls to mobile, landlines, and other browsers. This web call solution works directly on any desktop web browser equiped with a flash player (that’s currently 99% of current web browsers), no external plugins, no browser extensions installation or java applets will be required. Remember, this solution is a built-in package that doesn’t require a Flash Media Server, it works directly over our IVR or Video IVR platforms with a native call processing in RTMP protocol.


  • Fully customizable GUI (open source SWF)
  • Call transfer to an external/internal SIP extension
  • Nat pass thru / works on any WIFI / 3G / 4G
  • Dual call to SIP extension and RTMP extension
  • Video and Voice calling enabled
  • Auto-register / Auto-dial functions
  • Fullscreen for video
  • CIF/QCIF default screen sizes
  • Bandwidth management
  • Presence management
  • Integrated Chat






Skinable and Customizable

We provide you complete SWF source code to change all buttons, colors, fields and revamp your web phone by yourself with a Flash Editor. We also provide different skin modes to quickly change the behavior of your web phone.

No plugin installation required

Users unlike to install any plugin during web navigation. Our product runs directly and never require to download anything to the user computer, it works immediately.

Voicecall and Videocall enabled

Our solutions are always ready both for voice and video calls. You can create any kind amazing face to face communication services as well as a simple web phone to connect your PBX.

Adaptive Bandwidth Management

We use a RTMP protocol to manage both audio and video RT streams. It’s much more efficient and easy to run than SIP. You can read more about it here.

Sorry, WebRTC is not yet ready…

WebRTC protocol is not yet ready to run in all web browsers and still on a early stage. Our RTMP based solution is interoperable with WebRTC thru Asterisk, so don’t wait anymore dreaming the future…

Running over any Web Browser

Our solution works on any flash enabled web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome... and any Desktop Operating System like Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.

Connecting to...



Web Browser




Our flagship product, VoiceXML Browser gives operators and solution providers the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative voice and video applications via VoIP, PSTN, RTMP and 3G-324M networks.
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Video IVR

Video IVR

Our IVVR (or Video IVR) Server is one of the few voice and video convergent VoiceXML platform in the market. It works with voice calls as well as video calls to deploy today amazing next generation communication services.
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