VXI* 2.1b is now released!
This new release contains 2.0 bug fixes and enhancements for Asterisk 1.4.X PBX last versions.

New features added:

  • Control VCR function for wav with property “control” (* and # keys)
  • Dial format in the account configuration.
  • Support RTSP uri with <audio>
  • Correction for multi-records
  • VoiceXML accounts managment (for hosting users).
  • Bugfix for SpiderMonkey (js_FreeRuntimeScriptState)
  • Invert DNI and ANI (with the same shift in the configurtion file)
  • Update the ChangeLog

It also contains a complete review of the PBX connection for the lastest version of the Asterisk 1.4.X software. You will find a package for different environments, called Etch GCC4 / libstdc++ 6. All the binaries are compiled in Debian Linux OS.

You can download the package inside our website for registered users.

Thank you for your support!