VXI* 2.2 released!
October 30, 2007
VXI* 3.0b released!
December 17, 2007
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I6NET Links for your VoiceXML demos


Links is a collection of voices services linked to our servers. Share favorites Voices Services and execute a voice access by phone. Discover new convergence between the Internet web contents and phone.

What can i use Links for?

Links is an open-ended system, so you propose links and call to listen with a phone or gtalk. You can create voice applications and publish them in Links to share with your friends.

What is a Voice Service?

Links plays voice services written in VoiceXML 2.0 standard extended markup language. This one is used to create advanced voice applications that integrate Internet and Phone. Available voices services type for Links are:

– VoiceXML
– RSS Feed
– MP3 file
– Mail account

Search a Link to get its access code.
Call with your phone and key the code…
It’s the new World Wide Voice!

Go to: links.i6net.com