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February 7, 2008
I6NET at VON.x Spring San José CA
February 25, 2008
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What is a 3G Video Portal or IVVR service?

mobile 3gIVVR, it’s like an IVR but with Video, yes of course!

Video Portals can use now the last telephony video calling technology IP/3G to manage new mobile user experiences. Instead of using only voice you make a video call; you get interactive menus with pictures, real time video contents access and 3GPP file recording. VoiceXML has proven W3C telephony language standard provide you a worldwide unified approach in developing advanced interactive services. This model separates the application logic from dialog management and media handling, like in a web XML service: your IVVR application is located in a web server and can be easily integrated with any others web applications, contents…

Some features of video calling experience are:

– DTMF during playing
– 3GPP playing contents
– Transfer video call to SIP/3G extensions
– Access to IP/3G cameras
– Record/Reprompt 3GPP