Gières / Grenoble is a wonderfull small town near to the Alpes mountains in the east of France. This is place choosed by our team to define the new outcomes and company international organization past week. Like at the beginning of our company project, we take time to think about future evolution of I6NET’s voice and video interactive solutions. Near future of advanced telephony IP/3G belongs to flexible low-cost software components and we aspire to be part of this…

Next steps are:

  • New VXI* 3.1 summer release will be soon available
  • Our Research and Development team will be based in new offices at Grenoble France
  • Our Datacenter capacity will be extended in Madrid Spain
  • New 3G features like Text-to-Video, Video transcoding will be added before September
  • VXI* older VoiceXML services are now running since 4 years!*
  • Welcome to new team members. Thank you to Inés.

* First server deployed by I6NET in 2004, was running with an VXI* 1.0 a first inbound call production service; today this same VoiceXML application code is powered by VXI* 3.1 keeping same hardware and getting more execution time performance. Server’s hard drive and CPU fans are now worn out and needed to be changed to continue 4 years more running without shutdown!

The I6NET team