Knowledge Base


Is it for Real? When will Vxi* be released?
Yes, it’s definitely for real, you have now a VoiceXML browser inside your Asterisk to run powerfull interactive voice and video response (IVVR) applications.
Did you create a new Asterisk version to run with Vxi*?
No, we use the ultimate standard Digium’s Open PBX stable version and our software will follow the Asterisk evolution and will grow with it.
What is a port?
A port is single inbound or outbound call session managed by Vxi*. A port is based on the maximum number of concurrent calls. We count all active ports in use.
What is an Asterisk channel?
A channel is a connection which brings in a call to the Vxi*/Asterisk. Every call is placed or received on a distinct channel like SIP / RTMP / IAX / TDM / H323…

Installation & Integration

What OS platforms does Vxi* run on?
Vxi* Server as well as Xtras* extensions run on any Linux based distribution. Installer packages are available for Debian 5, 6 and CentOS 5, 6 as generic kernels. You can select 32-bit or 64-bit versions.
What are the hardware requirements?
As a minimum we recommend a dual core system with at least 1 GB of RAM per core. Depending upon your VXML application and transcoding load, you may need more or less horsepower.
Do you need to install Asterisk before to use Vxi*?
Yes, we provide a complete setup procedure that’s include Asterisk OSS packages. Once it is properly installed, the VoiceXML browser can be launched.
How many VoiceXML ports can be activated in an Asterisk server?
We can activate up to 120-360 port / asterisk server depending on your hardware configuration and codecs used. (Using Video calling needs stronger servers up to 60 ports per core).


What VoiceXML version is supported 2.0…2.1?
Yes, we support both. Vxi* runs full 2.0 standard W3C and most of 2.1 enhanced new features like . I6NET has added the possibility to access to dial out asterisk commands via VoiceXML only to add more powerful call controlling for advanced developments.
What is TTV feature in Vxi*?
TTS is Text-to-Video feature, our VoiceXML browser can generate a video content from text. It is similar to TTS (Text-to-Speech) but instead of generating voice, TTV generate video stream. If you need to display a quick message in a video phone service, the VoiceXML syntax generate an image from a text using TTV.
Do Vxi* supports CCXML?
No, but we have implemented Call Control functions used by the Asterisk platform. This is very important to develop advanced phone applications. The Vxi* interface retrieve Asterisk Call Control variables and data with VoiceXML.
What Text-to-Speech engines can be connected to Vxi*?
You can install a lot of TTS engine because we provide a simple HTTP connector with an hypercache advanced system. We provide a package with free TTS from Flite to testing and first voiceXML application building but you can use Loquendo, Cepstral, Nuance, Verbio, Ivona … TTS engines.
What Automatic-Speech-Recognition engines are supported?
Vxi* supports voice recognition with Lumenvox Speech Engine and Verbio Speech Server since 3.X releases. Last releases 5.X are now supporting Vestec Speech Engine, Voice Interaction Speech Engine and uniMRCP v1 / v2.

Extensions & Clients

Can I runs Extensions without VoiceXML?
No, all extensions are complementary add-ons for Vxi*, most settings are managed using VoiceXML.
What is a gateway mode configuration?
It’s a special license configuration to allow you using RTMP or SIP/3G-324m without requiring a VoiceXML session.
Do I need an Xtras* to run video services with Vxi*?
Yes, you have to install the Video IP/3G Transcoder extension to manage any video service over a Vxi* server.
Can I use RTMP only for audio services?
Yes, you can. If you don’t add the Video IP/3G extension, your RTMP channels will support only voice with g711 and speex codecs.
Can I customize my web phone?
Yes, all our webcall solution is fully customizable, you will get a complete .swf source file to edit it by yourself on a Flash editor.
Can I update Android NDK once my app. is coded?
Yes, our SDK for Android is designed to be upgraded when I6NET provides a new release.

Performance & Scalability

Is a Vxi* server scalable?
Yes. Vxi* Server is a highly scalable, tightly coded in C. The software effectively utilizes CPU (unlimited cores/threads per instance) and memory resources to let you get more connection capacity out of any given hardware. The connection capacity in most cases is limited by the CPU I/O or network interface performance.
Can I load balance video RTMP services?
Yes. Vxi* Server software provides a very scalable, proxy-based approach for providing multiple server delivery of a video RTMP call demand.
How can I scale beyond a single Vxi* server?
Vxi* Server instances may be configured in an origin and edge architecture to deliver IVR / IVVR across multiple servers. This functionality is standard on Asterisk.

Administration & Management

Can I manage Vxi* from a central point?
Yes, Vxi* is detected by Asterisk as a complementary application.
What administration consoles can I use?
You can manage Vxi* from Asterisk *CLI>.
Can I update Vxi* and Asterisk separately?
Yes, Vxi* is designed to run on a standard Asterisk and is designed to restart on an new Asterisk release. You can update both on separate processes.

Operation & Support

How can I get support?
I6NET provides support by email and phone according to your license maintenance.
How can I get Vxi* Hosting?
Yes, please contact our Sales Dept.
Can i run Vxi* on a Virtual Machine?
Yes, our license management system is also available for Amazon EC2, VMWare, Proxmox, Xen… since 4.X and 5.X releases.

Licensing & Billing

Is Vxi* Open Source / Freeware / Shareware?
No. Vxi* use a proprietary software code integration and must be properly licensed in order to be used. Nevertheless, you can try out all its functionality for free on our server with one port free capacity.
What is the evaluation license?
The free Trial Edition provides full, unrestricted functionality of Vxi* and specific Xtras*. This license is limited to 1 port to allow. Download the free trial.
Can I test Vxi* for free on my Asterisk?
Yes, we provide a free downloadable version. This solution use one port but with all functionality. You can create any number of VoiceXML services with any number of lines but only with one port capacity.
Why Extensions pricing is per server and not per port?
Vxi* Server pricing is designed to be flexible and affordable. You pay only one time for life.
How much will it cost?
The price will be disclosed upon release of the binary package. Nevertheless, we can tell you Vxi* will be priced on a per-port basis and all extensions on a per-server basis.
How can I purchase the software?
Please, contact our Sales to get a quote/PO.