Add special addons to extend your solution


Web Client

Web Client allows making voice and video calls from any desktop web browser and over any IP network to Vxi. This solution works from any Internet access with restrictive firewalls and without any specific client installation (Flash Player is required but it’s an Adobe free plugin installed in 99% existing desktop web browsers) and is interoperable with VoIP or PSTN channels too.

Mobile Client

Mobile Client is a special Android / iOS Library to create cross-platform real-time video communication services for our IVR Platform. Our development tools seamlessly integrates into your mobile apps or TV devices. Now users can make video calls on their smartphones, tablets and TV over any Wifi or Cellular connection.

Automatic Dialer

Automatic Dialer is a complete software module that delivers robust outbound dialing for emergency response and customer service. Powered by VoiceXML scripts, this dialer drives speech or touch-tone outbound call campaigns with greater control, automation, reporting and flexibility.

Video Recording

Call Recorder is an add-on module to record any voice or video call to file. This software works like a Monitor/Record cmd function adding many features to manage video calls recording from Asterisk. The channel’s input and output voice packets are saved to separate sound and video files. You may change filenames during a recording with this command.