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February 19, 2009
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VoxIQ selects I6NET VXI* VoiceXML platforms to open new markets for intelligent conversational speech applications


UK – Spain, March 06th, 2009 – I6NET provider of 3G/IP IVR / IVVR VoiceXML communications components for Asterisk and  VoxIQ, the innovative UK company that is set to revolutionise the speech market,  have combined the VoxIQ technology with I6NET VXI* platform.

As the VXI* VoiceXML interpreter works directly with the Asterisk PBX, not only can users of the open source PBX run VoiceXML applications in the same server, they can also offer these powerful, scalable solutions at an affordable cost. The VXI* VoiceXML browser gives the ability to rapidly develop and deploy innovative voice and video applications via IP, PSTN, and 3G-H324M networks.  VXI* is fully compliant with the W3C’s VoiceXML 2.0+ specification and is integrated with automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech software to enable advanced voice and video solutions, and real-time video calling applications.

The VoxIQ product uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) through I6NET VXI* to eavesdrop on a conversation between people while providing support such as filling in forms automatically or displaying data in line with the changing conversation. It also uses ASR together with Text To speech (TTS) (synthetic speech) to allow conversation with a person in a new and intelligent way known as ‘conversational self-service’. VoxIQ uses expert systems techniques to control keyword spotting. The result is a new enabling technology that limits the number of keywords being searched for at any point in time, while removing any limitation on the overall lexicon. This makes the task simpler for the speech technology and results in a significant improvement in speech recognition.

I6NET’s VoiceXML platform enables companies to fully exploit the most advanced speech technologies on the market today from many TTS and ASR vendors. The company provides complete support of all the relevant standards and many highly innovative features, for the highest quality speech applications.

“VoxIQ chose to add I6NET VXI* to run our products as its open standards, superior quality and performance, makes it the perfect fit for our market leading enabling technology” said Archie Macaulay, CEO of VoxIQ. “As a valued integrator dedicated to fulfilling client requirements, I6NET is the ideal partner for VoxIQ Ltd. It helps us to grow the VoxIQ brand and raise industry awareness of Continuous Speech Solutions.”

“The VoxIQ product is a highly innovative product that delivers superior, intelligent services,” said Iván Sixto, I6NET’s CEO. “We are delighted that VoxIQ has chosen our VXI* platforms. As soon as I6NET and VoxIQ were introduced, we start working immediately to increase the business opportunities for this highly innovative product. I6NET is now opening up to VoxIQ all the Asterisk market and the support for more TTS and ASR vendors.”

About VoxIQ

VoxIQ Limited is a young private company with an innovative market leading enabling technology that overcomes the limit on the number of words used in any keyword spotting speech application. This allows for a step change in the way ASR and TTS may be employed to provide deep, wide and seriously useful applications that reduce operational expenditure while increasing revenue.

A VoxIQ equipped system listens to a conversation and, by detecting keywords; it establishes and maintains knowledge of the context of the conversation as it evolves. From this knowledge, the system can access existing application databases and display relevant information to allow the user to talk in greater depth on the subject and to ensure that the information displayed and keywords being sought are always relevant.

The use of VoxIQ in contact centres means that complex interactions with customers can now be automated and human productivity improved by some 15%. These benefits provide the potential for a reduction in operating costs of up to 50%.

VoxIQ | N21 North Block – Wellesbourne Campus, Kingshill Road,
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP13 5BB – UK
info @ voxiq . com | www.voxiq.com

About I6NET

I6NET Solutions and Technologies Limited is a pan European company specializing in the development of new applications and advanced communication solutions. Its innovative VoiceXML browser and applications technology enables the creation of interactive voice and video IP/3G services to access multi-lingual and dynamic contents.

I6NET | calle Magallanes 13 – 28015 Madrid – Spain
info @ i6net . com | www.i6net.com