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August 24, 2009
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August 25, 2009
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10th anniversary of VoiceXML, the W3C speech-based interactive application standard mark-up language


Today Agust 25, 2009; marks the 10th anniversary of “the first draft of VoiceXML” (meaning Rev 0.9). There is no question that the W3C-sanctioned standard for a mark-up language for developers of speech-based interactive applications is what makes “Telephony 2.0” possible. With VoiceXML you have all you need to build the sorts of ‘rich phone apps’ at the root of better customer self-service, as well as mobile versions of popular search, messaging and social networking applications.

According to OpusResearch  “Foundations” report (issued earlier this year), that businesses will spend roughly $2 billion on speech applications and platforms (both on premises and “in the cloud). Even in this chilly world economy, we see low, double-digit growth in spending as the well-defined standard, coupled with well understood API’s into mature “platforms” fosters proliferation of truly useful (and usable) multi-modal applications that integrate automated speech processing.

VoiceXML is the open standard language for voice interactivity applications. No other language today or other specific IVR technology provides more evolution and can protect better your voice self-service business for long time.