The final VXI* VoiceXML browser 4.2  ref. 2009-09-18 32bits/64bits is now released. These new release is suitable for production platforms running with all lastest Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 kernels. Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on our progress or check out our lasts builds.

You can download these new packages from this website for registered users.

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New features added and modifications:

  • mod: Correction for speech using (disable speech if no grammar active).
  • mod: Support returning speech results during controled prompts.
  • add: Support VOICE/SRGS (application/srgs+xml) load grammars.
  • add: Record types “format/…” to support all the Asterisk formats.
  • add: Support DTMF/JSGF (text/x-grammar-choice-dtmf) load grammars.
  • add: blindapplication parameter (select an application or use a end dial).
  • add: CDR option cdrconference to enable CDR generation for the conferences.
  • add: Add append variable/function feature (with ‘+=’).
  • mod: Correction in the read function feature.
  • add: Asterisk 1.6.1.x Porting.
  • add: Add addition version informations.
  • add: Support VCR command from the ASR/speech.
  • add: Support of ‘hotword’ with the bargeintype.
  • mod: Correction in the “uri:” prefix.
  • add: Memory for media files.
  • mod: Correction to support an empty URL.
  • mod: Correction for the 64bits portability.
  • add: object ‘delete’
  • add: URI with “originate:” to generate outgoing calls frome the <transfer> tag.
  • mod: Corrections in the internal objects (string conversions).
  • add: Add the maxEvents configuration parameter.
  • mod: Support passing parameters to the conference (conf:test/M).
  • add: URI with “app:” to execute an application from the <audio> tag.
  • mod: Stop the speech ressource on DTMF key pressed.
  • mod: Correction to check the structure of speech results.
  • mod: Correction to match an account with the name.
  • add: Add parameter speechbargein to disable the voice bargein.