Art-Picker is a mobile service transaction platform where art meets the buyer (art-picker) in a surprising new way. Artists, Curators, Decorators, gallery owners, running exhibitions in the real world and not on the internet can join the platform and start selling through mobileBid.  MobileBidding with Art-Picker brings art to people in a surprising new way : see, bid and pick artwork.

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Art-Picker is not a website to sell artwork. It is a transactional platform to sell exhibited artwork in the real world, by mobile phone. The seller does not have to be present. No subscription, no fees for buyers. Potential buyers see the artwork and can make bids, silently, by using their mobile phone. There is no price labelling, only artwork’s references and a telephone number. An exciting new way to generate spontaneous sales, taking in account new buyer’s behaviours.

Art-picker is powered by VXI* VoiceXML platforms and Acapela TTS

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