March 1, 2010

Call “3915” in France to find the nearest pharmacist on duty

France, Spain – February 25th, 2010. The «3915» or is the french national interactive phone service where you can find in less than a minute the nearest pharmacist on duty from your geographical location. With any operator, from any cellphone, you just have to enter your zip code, or simply the name of the city. This service, has been deployed by 4KALL, an interactive solutions providers and is running it over its own VXI* VoiceXML platforms and with Acapela Text-to-Speech (TTS) voices to play any information in real time. SOSgardes / 3915 phone service is available 24/7 as a collaborative online database about french drug stores location to help pharmacists and public administration to manage better their heath care services. “Acapela’s speech synthesis engines and I6NET’s VoiceXML interpreters are providing high voice quality and a technical solution adapted to […]
November 5, 2009

Acapela launches “Voice in the Cloud”, a Text-to-Speech as a Service

Acapela Group, the European leader in speech synthesis, is launching Voice as a Service (VaaS), an online, cost effective, very easy to use, straight talking solution that gives any content a natural voice and enables customers to profit from the power of the spoken word. We are please about our partner’s announcement, that is a very complementary service for the I6NET’s VXI* Cloud Program or any VXI* VoiceXML server connected to Internet too! To get more information and sign up for an evaluation account, check out the Acapela Voice as a Service dedicated website:
October 14, 2009

Art-Picker brings art to people in a surprising new way

Art-Picker is a mobile service transaction platform where art meets the buyer (art-picker) in a surprising new way. Artists, Curators, Decorators, gallery owners, running exhibitions in the real world and not on the internet can join the platform and start selling through mobileBid.  MobileBidding with Art-Picker brings art to people in a surprising new way : see, bid and pick artwork. Link to Youtube: Art-Picker is not a website to sell artwork. It is a transactional platform to sell exhibited artwork in the real world, by mobile phone. The seller does not have to be present. No subscription, no fees for buyers. Potential buyers see the artwork and can make bids, silently, by using their mobile phone. There is no price labelling, only artwork’s references and a telephone number. An exciting new way to generate spontaneous sales, taking in […]
March 31, 2009

VXI* VoiceXML browser integrates Acapela voices

I6NET has integrated Acapela High Quality speech synthesis to give the say to IVVR systems using VXI*, its VoiceXML browser designed for Asterisk, the Open Source PBX for call center platforms. VXI* is the first official, native integration between the Asterisk open source telephony engine and VoiceXML. Users can connect this software plugin to use Voip or TDM boards, and take part in the application defined interactive voice & video response (IVVR) systems. The VXI* VoiceXML interpreter works directly with the Asterisk PBX software supported by Digium®.  VXI* is fully compliant with the W3C’s VoiceXML 2.0+ specification and is integrated with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) software to enable advanced voice and video solutions, and real-time video calling applications ‘Our approach for VXI* has always be to open our product to all speech technologies leader engines. Today we are […]