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Flash applications remote-controlled by a phone call

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To create amazing services that provide significant value added you have to break barriers. Today’s example shows how you can connect two very different technology environments, a Flash application and a Telephony service. Have you ever think about it before? It’s something you can do thanks to our ultimate Xtras* Flash/RTMP server channel for VXI* over Asterisk. This RTMP channel is a small Flash server which can connect a phone number through VoiceXML to a Flash applet. For example, a user can call with his own phone to move a paddle using the keypad of a Pong video game coded in Flash. No specific telephony developments are required.

There’s hundred of business opportunities that could require to connect a Flash service and Telephony to get feedback from consumers.

What for:

  • Interactive Outdoor Advertising
  • Dynamic Marketing (video, flash, TV displays, shopping carts,…)
  • Live Shows (discotheque, live concerts,…)
  • Public Trade Shows (video presentations,…)
  • Payments by phone for online flash app. or contents
  • Advertising Displays (shops, booths, …)

Flash channels:

  • RTMP Video IN/OUT
  • RTMP Audio IN/OUT
  • DTMF

More information:
Xtras* Flash/RTMP Server Channel

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