The newest VXI* VoiceXML browser 3.0 ref. 2008-04-14 is now released!
This release contains important enhancements for Asterisk 1.4.X last versions. It also contains a complete review of the PBX connection for the lastest version of the Asterisk 1.4.X software. You will find a package for different environments, called Etch GCC4 / libstdc++ 6. All the binaries are compiled in Debian Linux OS.

New features and modifications added:

  • ASR Lumenvox Speech Engine integration (audio and video)
  • Remove applications integration (call from Asterisk)
  • Conference from the transfer tag with conf
  • Call a Asterisk application fom the VoiceXML session.
  • Prompt local file not exits correction (item increment removed)
  • Support 3gp file format extension
  • 3G-324m supports for VoiceXML 2.0+
  • Update 3G connector for sip.fontventa.com (12/01. 15/01, 29/11)
  • Building and dynamic speech grammar supported
  • License upgrading bug correction
  • TTS caching improvements
  • TTV text-to-video reloaded! for SIP/3G

You can download this newest package inside our website for registered users.

Thank you for your support!