The final VXI* VoiceXML browser 3.1 “late summer” ref. 2008-09-01 32bit is now released! In few days the same package for 64bit will be available too. These new release is suitable for production platforms running with all lastest Asterisk 1.4 kernels. We are already working on the next 4.0!  Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on our progress or check out one of our nightly builds and see for yourself!

You can download these new packages from website for registered users.

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New features added:

  • add: additional properties for the TextToVideo
  • add: Specific video URL in the accounts
  • add: Video detection
  • add: Counters (PEAK, DENIED, SPEECHS)
  • add: Set VXML_ERROR if the session cannot be open (content the cause)
  • add: End date to the session dump
  • add: Use Number (calledif)) to identify the account
  • add: Option mute to openvxi
  • add: CLI admin commands
  • add: alias mimitype video/3gp
  • add: VXML() asterisk function to get/set parameters
  • add: Porting for Asterisk 1.2
  • add: Priority configuration
  • add: Sessions dump
  • add: CDRupdate parameter
  • add: Asterisk vxml application dates
  • add: Add the dial: transfer prefix
  • add: CDR updates at the end of the VoiceXML session
  • add: .alaw and .ulaw formats for the TTS
  • add: ASR automatic allocation
  • add: speech configuration for the accounts
  • add: Object property to get internal properties values
  • add: Configuration of DTMF controls


  • mod: Disable SIGPIPE generation
  • mod: Open sessions locks
  • mod: support Jsession (java sessions)
  • mod: Start/stop script (without safe_openvxi)
  • mod: Disable log Stdout by default
  • mod: Remove direct chan access
  • mod: vxml show application
  • mod: Correction in the offset object
  • mod: Small correction for CLI commands
  • mod: Correction to use the MP3Player application
  • mod: Correction to support exec: in the transfer

More information about VXI* updated features here.

Thank you for your support!