The final VXI* VoiceXML browser 4.1  ref. 2009-06-02 32bits/64bits is now released. These new release is suitable for production platforms running with all lastest Asterisk 1.4 and 1.6 kernels. Stay tuned to the blog to keep up to date on our progress or check out our lasts builds and see for yourself!

You can download these new packages from this website for registered users.

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This 4.1 release includes a new license activation system to connect many addons and manage more features, before upgrading from a previous VXI* 1.X, 3.X or 4.X send an email to our support to get the configuration for your new 4.1 platform. Without activation (by default) your can use one port for free.

This is an example, of the information dumped:

Version : 4.1
Max sessions : 30
Option video : yes
Option tts : yes
Option speech : no
Option externals : yes

New features added:

  • add: CDR option cdrspeech to enable CDR generation for the speech/ASR (recognize).
  • add: Prompt cut feature, cutPrompt parameter and promptcut proprerty.
  • add: Option to force a Silence (after prompts).
  • add: Support maxlength and minlength in the DTMF digits builtin grammar.
  • add: Option autohangup to hangup the call after the VoiceXML session.
  • add: Support Asterisk .h263, .h263p and .h264 files.
  • add: Set and function write from the transfer tag.
  • add: Parameter mark for the accounts (to add a mark in the OpenVXI traces).
  • add: Additionnal marks in the logs/traces for VoiceXML hosting.
  • add: VXML_URL2 as VXML_URL alias because the channel SIP use the same name.
  • add: Protection against infinite loops in the account redirections.
  • add: New lock system for the i6net modules.
  • add: Add autoreload parameter alias for the configuration.
  • add: Transfer “tel:function(X)” get the function value of X with the shadow $.value.
  • add: Dump the installation date.
  • add: Values of the prompt properties used for the prompt cache key.
  • add: CDR option cdrparam to set the userfield with VXML_PARAM.
  • add: Use ‘@’ in the url to redirect an account to another.
  • add: Transfer “tel:get(X)” get the extention variable value of X with the shadow $.value.
  • add: CDR option cdroverwrite to update the CDR with the variables VXML_LOCAL and VXML_DISTANT.
  • add: CDR option cdrprompt to enable CDR generation for the prompt (audio).
  • add: CDR option cdrdial to disable the CDR creation with Dial (transfer).


  • mod: Reload configuration if the configuration file date change.
  • mod: Correction to disable the debug traces.
  • mod: Change the format of the prompt CDR.
  • mod: Modification in the object ‘pick’.
  • mod: Send DTMF modifications (for Asterisk 1.6).
  • mod: Link VXML_PARAM and VXML_AAI to session.connection.aai.
  • mod: Account matching (refund and Asterisk Dialplan patterns support).
  • mod: Set a minimal size for the msgq.
  • mod: Correction for Asterisk 1.6 (disable build options sum check).
  • mod: Add local/remote info in the session dump.
  • mod: Mode speech=emulation (disable messages).
  • mod: Correction for accounts, ‘*’ to catch all the numbers.
  • mod: Correction for the property promptbackground
  • mod: Correction for the grammars generated with <option>

Thank you for your continuous support!