VXI* VoiceXML platforms supports many IP Cameras’ vendors today, and this list is increasing with different projects and partnerships , developments and updates done by our team. VXI* Xtras connectors modules are allowing to manage different video features according to the camera configuration, vendor and release.

Remember each vendor use different codecs and RTSP implementations.
Some configuration modes are:

Camera Vendor VoIP Video Audio PTZ Pwd
D-Link RTSP I / O Yes Yes
iCantek RTSP I / O Yes NC
Mobotix SIP I / O Yes Yes
Vivotek RTSP I Yes NC



  • SIP is a Video over IP protocol (VoIP)
  • RTSP Video mp4
  • Audio Input / Output, for camera micro and speaker
  • PTZ Pan, Tilt, and Zoom functions thru DTMF
  • Pwd Password protection (PIN security)
  • NC Not yet Committed

I6NET can provide on demand a specific camera model using RTSP or SIP. Other Xtras addon required for 3G/SIP is the 3G-324m. For more information about compliance with each vendors please contact us.

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