Our Partner Redfone has added a new addon product called TsLinkNet for fonBRIDGE2; TsLinkNet is a software solution that takes SIP voice calls from your IP application and translates them to the voice calls used on the worldwide digital Public Service Telephone Network (PSTN). TsLinkNet translates SIP signaling to PSTN signaling, and converts G.711 packets from the IP application software to the TDM stream used on the PSTN. Combined with the foneBRIDGE2 line of TDMoE Gateways, the TsLinkNet application allows you to deploy low cost, powerful T1/E1 to SIP trunking IVR, IVVR, gateways for your SIP based VXI* servers.

One more thing, fonBRIDGE2 TDMoE-MF driver is now included in DAHDI-2.3.0 Release!

Thanks to Redfone’s team!

Source: Redfone – TsLinkNet