Since a few months ago, It was said the possibility that Verbio, the spanish speech technology manufacturer creates a built –in grammar with all the regions, cities and streets of Spain. It definitely has become reality, and has been chosen on October 1st, 2010 to celebrate the official product launch: Verbio Street Built-in Spain. The launch campaign includes a discount value until January 2011. I6NET is pleased to present this new smart option for your IVR applications running over VXI* platforms!

Moreover, as they have got used to us, they have exceeded expectations including phonetic variants and the different languages used in each municipality. This has been achieved thanks to its multilingual voice recognition system.

Verbio has trusted in Deyde, with whom he has established an alliance to develop this product, for having the Spanish street grammar constantly updated. It is going to be updated every three months, including new streets and names within Spanish territory. Next step will be the Portuguese street grammar where both have important customers.

The product licensing is presented by regions and packages, offering a wide variety. It is licensed by the number of channels in the VXI* VoiceXML IVR where Verbio ASR runs, being the only valid ASR engine.

Congratulation to Verbio, this new built-in street grammar will enable smarter voice applications for mobility services. Remember, a voice user interface (VUI) for easy location runs with any phone and for any user… just say where you are, the IVR will understand you!

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