I6NET Keynote: Flash Communications over Asterisk
September 27, 2010
Some pictures from SIMO 2010 / VOIP2DAY Madrid!
October 7, 2010
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I6NET VXI*/Asterisk Solutions ready for Video Services using InnoMedia VSB2000

I6NET is pleased to announce the availability of a comprehensive end-to-end video solution based on I6NET’s innovative VXI* video software components and InnoMedia’s intelligent VSB2000 video endpoint. The solution enables service providers the ability to deploy new video services over Flash/RTMP, 3G-324m, Video-over-IPeasily. I6Net’s VXI* system provides an advanced IVVR media server for customers’ Video Contact Center, Video Conferencing, Video IVR or for the management of any video call transcoding required to connect to non-SIP CPE devices.

The VSB 2000 Video Set-Top Box (from InnoMedia) is designed to bring affordable video telephony to the living rooms of the masses. Using a standard TV in every household, VSB 2000 delivers clear and sharp images on the TV Screen with advanced H.264 compression capability. Designed to work with any standard telephone set, VSB 2000 reproduces sound through the handset or the TV speakers. Innovative features, enhances the user’s experience in a face-to-face video call. With its user-friendly design, VSB 2000 is an ideal end-user device for any VXI*/Asterisk Video Services.

For more information about InnoMedia, visit www.innomedia.com