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Improve your Phone System with IVR, voice and video calling apps to make your business more productive

Very good post from Angie Reed, Product Marketing Manager at Digium talking about how users and entreprises are always looking for better Communication Solutions. Smart Phones are user-centric devices but Businesses require better Phone Systems.

That’s right, that most technology users want immediate access to information – a single device for my camera, music (MP3 Player), GPS, email and, of course a phone. A smart phone is that powerfully useful tool that makes life easier. So, for better or worse, they are willing to incur the sunk cost associated with changing cell phones frequently just to gain the latest features and capabilities. Then, is it really a surprise that businesses want to improve their communications too? Like the mobile phone, users want a single interface to access their phone calls, their associated emails, presence, chat, CRM systems, caller location services and so much more. Phone systems need to be more intuitive for business processes by optimizing IVR capabilities, integrating call queues, generating reports and even facilitating video calling. These too need to be powerfully useful tools to make businesses more productive.

So, before you look for gold in refurbishing cell phones, consider first how your office communications can improve and how you can actually save money with a smarter phone system. Some key benefits of advanced IVR / IVVR apps are:

  1. Extend your office automation to your caller/customer
  2. Attending the call at the first ring, it will be never overloaded
  3. Multilingual and personalized greetings to the caller as per caller ID
  4. Provide advanced voice interaction self-service and ability to check balances
  5. IVR works 24 hours a day and it never greets a caller with tired voice!

Source: Digium Blog – Cell Phones Stashed in Your Closet? Digesting the Dreaded Total Cost of Ownership