Inside the VXI* IVR / IVVR Platform for Asterisk
July 29, 2011
Video Channels for your VXI* platform
August 1, 2011
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All Video Channels/Protocols for an advanced IVVR

We are going to talk more about video capabilities of an IVVR based on VXI* and how important it is to get a platform interoperable with a large number of video channels and protocols. Today, video applications are becoming more and more significant for social medias and advanced communications services. It’s not only a new Technology Trend, video is a killer feature to build amazing services for businesses.

Today, there’s 6 major key factors to consider:

  1. Users are demanding more multimedia interactions and realtime video
  2. All new smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops,… are video-ready with front cams
  3. Social medias are changing people’s and consumer behavior and expectations
  4. Videocalls add new ways to sell, negotiate, support, promote, advice, hire…
  5. IP Networks are ready for a Video Services Revolution within communications
  6. Big Internet players like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft are adding new video services

Video Channels/Protocols for your VXI* IVVR platforms:

  • Video h323 (videoconference devices)
  • Video SIP (videophones, softphones, trunks)
  • Video Flash/RTMP (web browsers, tablets, flash applications)
  • Video 3G-324m (UTMS wireless networks and 3G mobiles devices)
  • Video Mobile Apps iOS/Android (iPhones, iPad, Android smartphones…)

(To be continued…)