Today, we are pleased to present a new Speech Recognition Connector for Google ASR.
Previously, in 2010, we had added a Text-to-Speech Connector for Google TTS, named CURL and already available for VXI* platforms.

Online Speech Recognition services are becoming very interesting for mobile phones and applications like Apple Siri (iOS) and Google Voice (Android). Obviously, these services over the Cloud don’t provide a realtime speech recognition and require an internet access to work but you get easily all speech recognized words in a simple text chain from a pre-recorded message. This approach is more and more accepted by users thanks to the iPhone 4S experience with Siri. Of course, the grammar structure is not really powerful compare to a VoiceXML-ASR realtime integration but for trainings and demo services, it could be very useful. Now, you can use Google TTS/ASR from VXI* to develop a smart VoiceXML phone service.

VoiceXML Code Example:


  • [download id=”151″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]


  • Google ASR is an online free service for now.
  • Future availability is under Google terms and conditions.
  • An Internet access is required for each speech recognition request.

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