Join us at 3G Connectivity conference, Videocalling & Security Services Evolution

3G Connectivity | Brussels (Belgium), April 24 2009

With the global rollout of high bandwidth 3G networks, and value added video telephony services rapidly taking centre stage, it will become critical to have a reliable video delivery platform in place to support the complex video transmission to enable processes across different types of networks (Wireless Mobile & IP). 

This event is an excellent opportunity to introduce the latest advance platforms and toolkit sharing technical complexities of mobile video. It offers you a leg-up to produce compelling and profitable applications enabling the deloyment of new video-based services.

Event objectives:

  • Encourage innovation within the 3G communications
  • Facilitate business between local and foreign businesses
  • Help local companies to import and export visions, concepts, technologies…
  • Present innovative visions, trends, forecasts from of 3G technology
  • Facilitate and create agreements and partnerships
  • Contribute to the education of a broader public

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