3G Videocalls from a mobile phone to a web enabled flash softphone using VXI* IVVR platform for Asterisk PBX

Everybody has dreamt to make videocalls as easy as possible without any specific software installation at both sides. From a standard 3G mobile phone’s videocall to a web enabled flash application opened inside an web browser. This is now possible, opening new communication opportunities for people and businesses. Some important elements of this configuration is the ability to manage the videocall between this two worlds, 3G telecom network and IP with Flash technology using VoiceXML interactivity as a bridge with Asterisk. All integrations are now available with newest VXI* 4.1rc IVVR solution.

Some examples:

  • Web enabled video call centers agents
  • Online videocall assistance for websites
  • Online videocall services
  • Videocall 3G mobile phone from any webpage having flash…

Now, possibilities are endless…