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Youtube link: http://youtu.be/5zID3xug4PI

How it work

At anytime during your phone call, both callers can launch Viziyoo to share video. Viziyoo can run over a WIFI or 3G (data) networks with a low IP bandwidth consumption. No account is required, we use only your phone number as your temporary ID.

  1. Make a phone call, and start talking with your friend
  2. Without hangup, go to the notification bar and select Add Video from Viziyoo
  3. Video will appear in few seconds and your call still running…
  4. You can stop or restart Video at any time or hangup your phone call

Videocall features

  • Flip Camera
  • Start/Stop Video

One more thing

You can test yourself the application calling to our echo-test service:

Enjoy video with Viziyoo!