March 4, 2015

ISCIII provides mHealth solutions with I6NET video technologies [Video]

ISCIII (Instituto de Salud Carlos III) leads Telemedicine research and development projects in Spain providing most advanced mHealth solutions for many important Hospitals and Health industries. At I6NET, we are pleased to share with all our readers this amazing new service providing mobile health cardio monitoring to real patients and connecting them to doctors through video calls. That’s an ahead of its time mHeath and telemedicine service for cardiovascular diseases developed and sponsored by ISCIII for Hospital Ramón y Cajal (Madrid, Spain). Video: More information:
November 11, 2013

Fundación Tecsos aborda el proyecto piloto Enredate con la tecnología de Altitude Software e I6NET [Spanish]

Enred@te impulsa la utilización de los servicios digitales para optimizar la atención a los mayores Madrid, 7 de Noviembre, 2013.– Fundación TECSOS, junto con Cruz Roja Española y Fundación Vodafone, ha desarrollado el proyecto “Enred@te”, que tiene como objetivo impulsar la utilización de los servicios digitales, concretamente las redes sociales, entre las personas mayores que viven solas. Con ello, se verá mejorada su comunicación y socialización a través de nuevas formas de interacción y de la creación de espacios virtuales de convivencia, tanto con su grupo de iguales como con sus familiares y/o cuidadores. El proyecto piloto Enred@te parte de la solución “SocialTV”, que fue probada y validada también durante una fase piloto, en 2011, por un conjunto de 100 usuarios distribuidos en 15 Comunidades Autónomas y 41 provincias. Esta- fase  se llevó a cabo tanto desde los domicilios de […]
October 1, 2013

Viziyoo demo [Video]

[framed_video column=”three-fourth”][/framed_video] Youtube link: How it work At anytime during your phone call, both callers can launch Viziyoo to share video. Viziyoo can run over a WIFI or 3G (data) networks with a low IP bandwidth consumption. No account is required, we use only your phone number as your temporary ID. Make a phone call, and start talking with your friend Without hangup, go to the notification bar and select Add Video from Viziyoo Video will appear in few seconds and your call still running… You can stop or restart Video at any time or hangup your phone call Videocall features Flip Camera Start/Stop Video One more thing You can test yourself the application calling to our echo-test service: France: +33 485880136 Spain: N/A USA: N/A Enjoy video with Viziyoo!
June 5, 2013

Video-enabled Contact Center [Video]

[framed_video column=”two-thirds”][/framed_video] Link: Subtitles: English French Spanish
January 16, 2013

What is Real-time communications? #RTC

Photo: I6NET’s team using our Vxi*/RTMP systems for RTC with video HD, at MWC2012 Booth [dt_divider style=”gap”/] A clear definition of Real-time communications is important to understand what will be the newest evolution of Internet applications and services for businesses and individuals. All is moving around to more real-time, more video, better sound quality, better screen resolution, easier human-interfaces… RTC technology helps to share together most of our senses thru digital networks at light’s speed: Real-time communications (RTC) is any mode of telecommunications in which all users can exchange information instantly or with negligible latency. In this context, the term “real-time” is synonymous with “live.”   RTC can take place in half-duplex or full-duplex modes. In half-duplex RTC, data can be transmitted in both directions on a single carrier or circuit but not at the same time. In full-duplex RTC, […]
September 27, 2012

Salesland selects I6NET’s platforms to empower its new online videosales services

Salesland is a leading field marketing and contact center company. Through its business lines: Sales Force Management, POS and Telemarketing offers tailored solutions to support the outsourcing of services that add value and profitability for companies of all sectors. Salesland drives a strong business growing beyond the crisis using advanced technologies and innovation. Now Saleland Call Center is one of the pioneers in the market to launch its own online videosales service. This advanced service is able to manage any kind of videocalls thru internet (dual videocall, single videocall or audio call only…). Salesland’s agents can provide realtime video call experience over the web to share realtime videos and discuss online with any customer or consumer. Salesland selects VXI* for video and online personal assistant services because it provides a flexible web videocall integration for all its contact center platforms and technicaly […]
June 25, 2012

Spanish Red Cross unveils its Video Contact Center for Teleassistance #IVVR [video]

The Spanish Red Cross unveils the latest Video Contact Center for Teleassistance (called “Videoatención” in spanish) designed to help Seniors and develop domestic programs. This service represents a new evolution for contact centers rollouts over the years. Watch the online video at Red Cross TV [Spanish]: Today, Seniors are one of the most important community of people (350.000) supported by Red Cross in Spain, so it was very important to develop high-performance and advanced remote services. We are very proud about this project where our Video IVR (IVVR) technology integrated with the Altitude Software uCI Contact Center Solution helps healthcare and solidarity. Beyond the crisis, video calls provide a new high-tech evolution on Teleassistance with important benefits face-to-face communication, real-time evaluation, video-interactive tests and of course a significant cost reduction for healthcare. Some pictures about this service in production:
January 25, 2012

InsideCTI: The future of video in the contact center

We are pleased to share this very good article by John Stepp from InsideCTI about The Future of Video in the Contact Center. There’s very few contents about video contact centers but technology is ready for the next big thing for human communications and businesses. By John Stepp, InsideCTI When I was on the phone recently with my website provider, I really would have liked to have had a video connection. I am certain that I could have gotten more out of the call if it was video. At least it was a real time call and not through e-mail. The voice inflections gave me enough doubt to go ahead and pursue an alternate provider. Then again, video might have given my web site provider the ability to instill the confidence necessary for me not to pursue and alternative provider. […]
November 23, 2011

Presentation: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers / IP Multichannel Solutions for CC – Barcelona 2011

I6NET’s presentation in Spanish (by Ivan Sixto) at Multi-Channel IP Solutions for Contact Centers – Barcelona 2011 on Slideshare: Self-Services & Video Contact Centers IP View more presentations from I6NET Table of contents: Slide 01: Title Slide 02: Human-Machine dialog Slide 03: Voice Interface in new mobiles Slide 04: Telephony Self-Services Slide 05: Integration and Programming Slide 06: Voice Platforms for Businesses Slide 07: Voice & Video Platforms Slide 08: Video, the next evolution Slide 09: Social Networks and Internet Slide 10: A 360º Video Solution for Business Slide 11: SIP / H323 Devices Slide 12: PC Video Softphones Slide 13: 3G Videocalling Slide 14: Tablets and Smartphones Slide 15: Web/Flash Videocalling Slide 16: Video Transcoder IVVR Slide 17: Phone / Internet Slide 18: IP Convergence: Telephony / Web Slide 19: Phone / TV Slide 20: IP Convergence: Telephony / TV […]
October 27, 2011

Video: Altitude – I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2011

Please find here our video conference at Madrid (Spain) VoIP2DaY, past October 4th with Eduardo Malpilca Presales Manager at Altitude Software and Ivan Sixto, CEO at I6NET talking about the last evolution of “Video Contact Center IP″ (Spanish). Video source (Flash): Video: I6NET-Alitude-VoIP2DaY-2011 Keynote Document: [download id=”141″ format=”1″ autop=”false”] (5,4 Mb) VoIP2DaY Website: Video: I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2011 Other Posts: Video: I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2009 Video: I6NET’s conference at VoIP2DaY 2010