VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk PBX provides the ability to enhance your contact center with personalized interactive video 3G/IP communications for less

Considering that Internet and 3G technology is highly used for every day to day communications, more and more people have access to real-time video communications through video-enabled handsets, web cameras and videophones in the office, at home and on the road. Imagine you had the ability to talk to your clients face to face connecting IP sofphones and 3G mobile phones.

A simple Video Contact Center solution can be rapidly implemented with VXI* standalone software and an Asterisk server. No gateway is required, only TDM E1 cards to connect the 3G networks or only IP. VoiceXML allows you to have life transfer to softphones, video-on-hold videos, in addition to a complex self-service video IVR

Some features:

  • Voice/Video call detection
  • PC to 3G bi-directional videocalls
  • Intelligent routing and video menus with TTS/ASR/TTV
  • Video on-old Video during transfers
  • Complex self-service video IVR powered by VoiceXML
  • Transfer to IP Softphone (SIP)

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