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November 5, 2009
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November 22, 2009
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Asterisk Open Source PBX Reduces Operating Costs, Improves Scalability and Maintenance, and Delivers High Functionality To Meet City Of Schoten’s Telephony Needs


Around the world, organizations are conscious about IT spending and are continually evaluating ways to slash their operating expenses while keeping up with the latest technological trends.  The City of Schoten, a city of 33,000 inhabitants located in the heart of Belgium, recently migrated from 15 disparate telephone systems to an open-source PBX solution to reduce operating and maintenance costs and gain greater functionality to meet their telephony needs. Moving to Digium’s Asterisk, the organization expects to save nearly $50,000* annually while reaping the rewards of a robust IP-based telephony solution.

According to our partner Avanzada7, the City of Amsterdam is following Schoten, implementing Asterisk for their telephony too… Here in Spain, we are devilvering many projects for Cities like the City of Avila over Asterisk and VXI* for IVR voice portal services…

A Wind of Change is Blowing Through the Cities and Public Administrations.