Currently, is still in development discussion for its complete implementation whereas (under Vxi*/Asterisk implementation) is already available for any  project’s deployments. We have prepared this summary to clarify what are the main features and how to move forward for your business.

We consider, WebRTC is a solution for the future and RTMP a solution for the present that could be required for a while. The question is not whether WebRTC or RTMP, the question is: RTMP, yes sure and WebRTC too, if all industry adopt it properly and make it interoperable over all the web and telephony systems…

The right choice in 2013 and for next years, is to select RTMP to wait for WebRTC complete maturity and continue working with both over your Vxi*/Asterisk platform. Remember, you may know that WebRTC could loose the current battle for its standardization and interoperability, with many implementation proposals over the top web browsers or with a divergent market approach from Google, Microsoft, Apple,…


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*Not yet availble for RTMP Channel Server

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One more thing…

As we work days a days with customers on an immediate return on investment for RTC developments, we don’t take a “geek’s approach” with new promising technologies or trends. Any customer has to work under real-world conditions and get results for its business over the existing web browsers and production’s systems.

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If you want to add a web phone on your website to connect your call center, corporate PBX or create your own amazing web-telephony services.
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