We are pleased to unveil Viziyoo, a small cross-platform app. which allows you to share a real-time video when your are calling. It works over any WI-FI or 3G data access, you can call from your own cellular or any other external phone, no account is required to start enjoying smart video with all your friends. Viziyoo has been developed by I6NET and runs over our software components.

What do i need to run Viziyoo?


In summary:

  • Android Smartphone (GSM/CDMA + 3G/4G or WIFI)
  • Android Tablet (3G/4G or WIFI) + external phone (landline or cellular)
  • Desktop Web Browser (IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome…) + external phone (landline or cellular)


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One more thing

Currently, you can run Viziyoo on any Android smartphone/tablet or any desktop Web Browser!
A new Viziyoo iOS app. for iPhone and iPad is coming soon too…

More information: