The most advanced VoiceXML browser for Asterisk ever made.

Vxi* 11 is now suitable for production voice and video platforms running with all latest Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, (10), 11, 12 kernels! (all Asterisk’s pre-built packages will be available for download soon). This new IVR / IVVR component includes a lot of improvements, all users with previous maintained versions can upgrade today. You can also check our Changelog.

Linux OS Distributions 32-bit / 64-bit versions:

  • Debian 7.0 Wheezy
  • Debian 6.0 Squeeze
  • CentOs 6.0-6.4
  • CentOs 5.4-5.8

You can download these new binary packages from our website.
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New features added and modifications:

  • add: Support for Vestec binary grammars.
  • mod: Correction to disable the account mark.
  • mod: Correction with the object Curl and Json parsing.
  • add: Add new log file (voicexml.log) generated from tag <log>.
  • mod: Add property interdigittimeout default value set to 3s.
  • add: Add support JSON parsing to the <object> Curl.
  • mod: Correction to avoid mode=” with inline grammars.
  • add: Add support for the Asterisk Festival application.
  • mod: Restore compatibility with Asterisk 1.4.
  • mod: Disable the grammars of the field before processing its <filled>.
  • mod: Correction VXI crash if VoiceXML document is <xml></xml> (OVH).
  • mod: Correction VXI crash if debian 7 64bits.
  • add: Add mode parseSrgs=dtmf to check always the grammar content.
  • add: Add DTMF properties to the ASR engine.
  • mod: Corrections to support the Nuance Call Steering (grammars).
  • add: Add parameter recordrewind to disable the 1/4s of cut and the end of the record.
  • mod: Pass the DTMF to the speech API if mode speechbargein is forced.
  • add: Mode uri for the parseSRGS option (pass the URLs of the grammars to the ASR engine).
  • mod: Load when enable the dynamic grammars (grammars with srcexpr).
  • mod: Force UTF8 encoding for the grammar files.
  • mod: Change the default value of speechscore to 0.
  • mod: Correction issue with dtmf input without length.
  • mod: Support ‘s’ unit in maxage and maxstale attributs (for Nuance Call Steering).
  • mod: Remove error event if multiple varaiable declarations with <var>.
  • mod: Add shaddow variables if NLSML <instance> have extra tags.
  • mod: Correction for noinput/nomatch events with uniMRCP.
  • mod: Remove ;jsession= in the base URL for the TTS cache.
  • mod: Disable the ECMAscript strict mode.
  • mod: Correction fo Verbio sensibility.

Thank you for your continuous support!