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May 3, 2014
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December 3, 2014
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What Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can do for IVR?


Picture: “Her” (film) – A man talking to a machine…

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) can be a complementary in-side programing feature or a specific engine for an IVR. Currently, NLU is still an emerging technology but its nearest evolution is already starting to change the business of customer service.

Within our global economy, every resource, every process, every system is pushed to the limits to be more and more automatized and efficient. Some years ago, thinking about driverless cars replacing drivers wasn’t considered a short-term reality, but today in 2014, there are many companies working on creating and making a reality the first comercial self-driving car.

Evolution is coming to phone services, by adding a layer of NLU to your IVR, customers can hold amazing dialogs with your system, that you may have not imagine yet. Currently, most NLU engines are built to work with VoiceXML, in order to run over existing IVR platforms with a faster convergent development approach. Have no doubt that there will be many new developments concerning  NLU for Vxi.

For a more comprehensive analysis of NLU, feel free to listen following call records examples:

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Direct Dialog (mp3)
The process is long and requires confirmation on most steps.
You have to select every time for many options.

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Natural Language Dialog (mp3)
The process becomes much more simpler.
You can speak like you do in real life.

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