VoiceXML 2.0+ new guide for VXI*
August 21, 2007
VXI* 2.2 released!
October 30, 2007
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IVVR, Video Portal Service with VXI* 2.X

video portal 3g

I6NET is proud to present a new prototype of IVVR Interactive Voice and Video Response as features demostration of VXI* 2.X. With the evolution that voice over IP Asterisk Video have had in the latest months in 1.4.X releases, many notable improvements to the IVR services can be made, to such a point that adding video to I6NET VoiceXML 2.0+ voice & video browser is possible which is a great advance, considering the integration of the mobile and IP networks could be around the corner (as the case of 3G), which would let the users make use of interactive voice & video services from a mobile phone. Many thanks! to Manuel Vilate from Colombia for this project!

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