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Dimension Data’s report about Speech Self Service perception gap between consumers and vendors

This insteresting 2007’s summer study published by Dimension Data (in collaboration with Cisco) on the perception gap between “vendors” (developers, system integrators, voice application developers, and speech technology vendors) and “consumers” of speech-enabled self service solutions helps better understanding the business opportunities with IVR.

Conclusion, we need to listen more about user’s requirements and needs before building a speech self service. Of course, that may not be a revelation to anyone who seriously engages in voice user interface design.

IVR cost-saving is welcome for users

Deploying cost saving solutions where there is a benefit to consumers is a positive factor. 21% of consumers that see call centres aspiring to deliver quicker and efficient service as the main reason for the deployment of automated solutions.

Most important benefit of using IVR is 24×7 service

What do you think is the most important benefit of using an automated system when you phone a call center? 51% of vendors mentioned “to avoid wait time” while 49% of users mentioned “24 x 7 service” against 18% who mentioned “Avoid wait time”!

“Transfert to agent with no context” is the thing that irritates most users

The thing that annoys or irritates me most about using an automated speech application is when… 41% of vendors answered with “System didn’t understand me,” vendors’ number one answer, while users’ number one answer was, “Transfer to agent with no context.”

Users really address the reason they call…?

In general, when you’ve used a speech recognition system, which of the following best describes how well it helped you deal with your query? 43% of customers believed that their interactions with speech recognition systems had partially addressed the reason they called versus 77% of vendors.

Speech recognition or touchtone perception

How often would you prefer to use a speech recognition system rather than a touch-tone system? 45% of respondents were clear that they want to use speech recognition systems as little as possible over touchtone applications.

Read complete document here.