InfoWorld‘s (IDG) annual BOSSIES recognize the best free and open source software the world has to offer to businesses, IT professionals, and productive individuals who rely on computers to get work done.

More and more companies count on Asterisk to provide their most mission-critical application: dial tone. Asterisk has what you’d expect from an enterprise-worthy VoIP system, and integrates with other tools to allow for clustering, failover, IPv6 support, IVR / IVVR and a range of other functions. Asterisk operates as a back-to-back user agent, managing all aspects of a VoIP call, where some of its contenders deal only with VoIP signaling. Asterisk is not without rivals, notably OpenSER (recently renamed Kamailio), FreeSWITCH, and CallWeaver but it’s still the champ.

Maybe the most important fact is that keep the OSS IP Telephony community leadership. The really way to change the market is in this point, and we feel Asterisk becomes stronger, not only because it’s a wonderfull framework like Linux is, but because Asterisk manage to create an important developers/users ecosystem arround itself.

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