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March 9, 2009
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March 20, 2009
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Redfone provide hi-availabity and load balacing to Asterisk servers


Redfone second generation TDM over Ethernet (TDMoE) bridge built for the most demanding Asterisk environments providing High Availability and Load Balancing on T1/E1 lines. It’s an important key element when you need to deploy a large number of VXI* IVR / IVVR systems base on Asterisk. 

Redfone and Avanzada7 both I6NET’s partners have implemented a massive 900 channel Asterisk based TV televoting platform; of course this platform could be upgraded to VoiceXML easily, installing VXI* in each Asterisk servers. Such arquitectures are now possible thanks to all this complementary products for Asterisk and at a lower costs.

Most of VXI* users that need to increase platforms capacity, adding load balancing and hi-availabilty with E1/T1 TDM access can choose Redfone boxes.

Complete Business Case:

About Redfone

Redfone is a hardware and software engineering firm dedicated to providing solutions for the most demanding Open Source based voice implementations in the World. Redfone specializes in the development of unique connectivity solutions for popular Open Source voice platforms such as Asterisk®, Trixbox, and Elastix. Our unique philosophy of externalizing PSTN connectivity, combined with our extensive background in the engineering of critical data systems for the avionics industry sets apart from traditional PCI card vendors. Our solutions overcome some of the most significant challenges in deploying Open Source voice platforms, namely hardware compatibility, scalability and redundancy.