Digium launches Skype for Asterisk Open Beta
August 2, 2009
VXI* Cloud Beta Program is now available
August 3, 2009
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VXI* VoiceXML browser and Skype for Asterisk, add easily call-over-internet voice portals to your business


In September 2005, Skype launched a partnership for VoiceXML with some big voice application development players and VoiceXML hosting companies like Tellme, Voxeo, Angel…opening a new huge market for voice-based services and applications delivered through the Skype platform. Unfortunately, Voice Service Program was nipped it in the bud because it was base on a pay-per-call approach over the biggest free internet P2P telephony community of users! How can users accept to pay to make a call thru Internet to a helpdesk or Customer care or any other phone self-service over Skype…?

Today, thanks to Skype-for-Asterisk addon users will deploy themselves their own voice-based services servers without any hosting dependence thru Asterisk Open Source PBX and VXI* VoiceXML browser, to create their own IVR self-services / Voice Portals, and connect enterprise to Skype without  third party services or pay-per-call costs.

Use Skype for Asterisk Beta to start easily to add a call-over-internet IVR or Voice Portals with skype  for your business and company using VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk!

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Digium launches Skype for Asterisk Open Beta