We are pleased to share some IVR trends for 2011 from IVRS World.

What IVR technologies or IVR applications would be hit in the year 2011 ?
Here is a list of six elements that might see high usage as well wide acceptance among people!

  1. Interactive Voice & Video Response
  2. IVR Payments
  3. Speaker Recognition
  4. Speech Recognition
  5. IVR Hosting
  6. Bulk Voice Call

1 – Interactive Voice & Video Response (IVVR)

With introduction of 3G technology and new smart phones with videocall (iPhone, Android…) in worlds most populous countries, India and China; IVVR should see wide application and deployment. IVRS thinks, IVVR would be used in VAS (Value Added Service) industry, customer care, virtual tour in hotel industry.

2 – IVR Payments

IVR would be increasingly used in phone banking as well as payment using phones. Recently, RBI ( Reserve Bank of India has introduced OTP ( one time password) valid for just one transaction for 30 minutes to 24 hours. So, the public confidence in payment using IVR might will increase. Many payment gateway providers are now trying to provide payment option using IVR with just a telephone call on the move.

3 – Speaker Recognition

With increasing payment using IVR, speaker recognition technology will be used more and more.
Most probably, this technology would be further developed.

4 – Speech Recognition

With increasing usage of IVR in customer care as well as ‘self-help’ complaint management system, speech recognition usage as well as accuracy may increase in 2011 too.

5 – IVR Hosting

Since many visual as well as online web-based tools are now available for IVR call flow designing, IVRS thinks, IVR hosting will see increase in 2011. Presently, Click-To-Call is one service which is a hosted IVR service used by many people.

6 – Bulk Voice Call

Bulk Voice Call should see increase as well as competition in terms of per call pricing in 2011, specially in India. Reminder Service using voice call will also be used more and more.



Thanks to IVRS World!