At I6NET we are pleased to talk about new complementary services and tools to improve your IVR and Business Objectives. A good Voice User Interface design and call optimization are some of the key factors required to be successful with your VXI* platform rollouts.  That requires more than technology…. of course.

VUI Cloud ( is a call optimization service delivered through the Web that improves the caller experience and helps you get better results from your voice applications.

The service allows you to add personalization, reduce costs, adapt to individual callers in real time, adjust audio playback speeds (Words Per Minute spoken) and caller response timeouts on the fly, optimize the caller experience and get advice from leading Voice User Interface design experts. It also allows you to quickly learn where and why your callers are opting out with behavioral analytics that go way beyond traditional IVR/ACD reports.

Developers can access VUI Cloud technology for free via the web based API and a Performance-Based Pricing model is used for production calls. Leveraging the power of this service is as easy as adding some simple HTTP calls to your voice application and allowing the technology to do the work. It’s really that simple. Gain deep behavioral insight and significantly improve the caller experience in days, not weeks or months. The service even lets you make improvements to the caller experience without ever changing the call flow or audio prompt content.

VUI Cloud is the world’s first “Call Optimization as a Service” offering, and it’s remarkably easy to use.

To learn more about how the service works, pricing and deployment options, click here