The most advanced VoiceXML browser for Asterisk ever made.

We are pleased to unveil our latest Vxi* interpreter ready to work with all VoiceXML 2.1 tags. This new IVR / IVVR component includes a lot of amazing features, we had been working on it since a year! All users with previous maintained versions can upgrade today. You can also check our Changelog.

Vxi* 8.0 is now suitable for production voice and video platforms running with all latest Asterisk 1.4, 1.6, 1.8 kernels! (all Asterisk’s packages are available for download too).

Linux OS Distributions 32-bit / 64-bit versions:

  • Debian 7.0 Wheezy
  • Debian 6.0 Squeeze
  • CentOs 6.0-6.4
  • CentOs 5.4-5.8

You can download these new binary packages from this website.
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New features added and modifications:

  • add: Pass the speech properties to the ASR engine (configure sendProperties).
  • add: URI checks (rfc2806) with prefix ‘tel:’ in dest <transfer>.
  • mod: Add reference uri: for uniMRCP grammars.
  • mod: Correction of lastresult$.recordingsize.
  • add: Add the file size recorded (shadow variable $.size).
  • add: Throw error.noressource if the ASR is disable instead of error.grammar.
  • mod: Throw disconnect.hangup only once (after exit execution).
  • add: Record audio silence before the VAD dectection.
  • add: Support of the timeout property for the record.
  • mod: Added support connectiontimeout and maxtime for blind transfer.
  • mod: Correction for special values returned by the Verbio ASR.
  • mod: Correction to support HTTP proxy rules.
  • add: Play/record FLV files (for RTMP channel).
  • mod: Correction to use an executable content inside a <foreach>.
  • add: Support of the recordutterance property.
  • mod: Change the cache key for the audio (skip parameters from the url base).
  • add: Parameter speechconcatenate used to merge the ASR results to a single string.
  • mod: Correction of transfers results and events.
  • add: Support of <mark> (added to block too).
  • add: Support of fetchaudio with delay and min properties.
  • mod: Correction hangup event when the caller hung up.
  • mod: Correction VXI crash if bad encoding with a script.
  • add: Added the builtin grammar ‘dtmf/touchtone’.
  • mod: Support of HawHaw’s generated grammars.
  • add: Support of <data> and XML dom parsing.
  • mod: Integration of the last W3C schema.
  • mod: Improvment with <break>.
  • add: Support of <foreach>.
  • add: Parameter to force the SSML format.
  • add: Use of MRCPsynth for the TTS (method MRCP)
  • add: Support of consultation transfert (mode keepcontext added too).
  • add: Support of <grammar> srcexpr attribut.
  • add: Support of <disconnect> namelist attribut.
  • add: VoiceXML 2.1 support.
  • mod: Add ‘HttpOnly’ attribut for the Cookies.
  • add: Added CLI command vxml reset statistics.
  • add: Added CLI command vxml set debug.

Thank you for your continuous support!