Madrid, November 7, 2008 – I6NET and InfoSpeech announced today their partnership to accelerate the adoption of VoiceXML solutions based on Asterisk and the VXI* interpreter by I6NET. This partnership will focus on VoiceXML Professional Services and web to phone services powered by InfoSpeech.
“Our most demanded and successful service,, based on creation, launch and follow up of automatic phone surveys from a web application, has been issued thanks to the close integration of VXI* and internet technologies. Using Asterisk PBX as a platform provides reliability at a very competitive price. I6NET becomes in this way an strategic partner for InfoSpeech to develop the business of this solution and Video IVR applications.”, said Antonio Gálvez, CEO at InfoSpeech
“InfoSpeech have a strong VoiceXML expert team that knows very well call centers business needs about IVR programming and voices self-services since years. When they start using our VXI* platforms, they immediately provide very advanced and complex inbound / outbound solutions in few time. Today InfoSpeech consulting and professional services add an important value to I6NET, helping customers to deploy better IVR and IVVR , getting more return-on-investment and faster”. Said Iván Sixto, CEO – Business Development Manager at I6NET.

About I6NET
I6NET Solutions and Technologies Limited is a pan European company specializing in the development of new applications and advanced communication solutions. Its innovative VoiceXML browser and applications technology enables the creation of interactive voice and video 3G services to access multi-lingual and dynamic content.

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About InfoSpeech
Founded in 1999, InfoSpeech develops and implements best-of-breed speech application for the Spanish market.  InfoSpeech offers Professional Services for most important ASR and TTS engines, as for complex integration of VoiceXML applications over main IVR platforms. InfoSpeech services includes, a web to phone automatic survey service allowing creating, launching and following up automatic surveys saving time and money from traditional telemarketing campaigns. InfoSpeech Speech services including design, coding and recording of voice prompts are provided in 13 different languages.

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