This very insteresting challenge from Digium for next Astricon 2009, seems to have a winner. We are very happy of that great new!

The first person to get an Asterisk system moving 10,000 G.711 call legs through a single instance on a single machine will get a first-class steak dinner at Astricon.  And a great bottle of wine, if that is your preference. This isn’t an X-prize, but the concept is the same – think of it as an S-prize.  ”S” means “Steak”.  Or maybe “Salad” if you’re a vegetarian.

[…] Ten thousand channels sounds like a lot, and it is.  But it can be done, and is already done with custom hardware from closed-source vendors. Open Source Asterisk has not been yet tested at anywhere near that high capacity, though attempts have been made in the thousands of channel level ranges with good successes.  However, there are significant “walls” to climb between ~2500 channels and 10000 channels, and this is not merely a linear application of processing power.  Just the throughput for this 10k challenge is pretty impressive: 500k packets per second per direction at 20ms, and 820mbps per direction.  Ethernet trunking/bonding may be required to overcome IRQ issues, or certainly very close administration of a gigabit interface.  Operating system tuning will be required in conjunction with Asterisk tuning (and probably patching.)  Documentation on how you achieve this will help everyone, and this is an “open” challenge. […]

By John Todd