August 5, 2010

Asterisk Video Resources

“Asterisk Video Resources” page on the site contains about 40 videos. Some are tutorials, others are background material. A very good video collection to learn more about Asterisk! Link:
January 25, 2010

Digium CEO Danny Windham talking about Asterisk Exchange

At this week’s AsteriskWorld conference, Digium has officially launched AsteriskExchange — the online marketplace that allows customers and channel partners to piece together solutions involving Asterisk (the open source IP PBX). Asterisk Exchange will expand the ecosystem for alternative VoIP and unified communication solutions. Here’s the scoop, including a FastChat video with Digium CEO Danny Windham. Source:
January 21, 2010

Digium launches AsteriskExchange, the online Marketplace for all things Asterisk

AsteriskExchange™ is the online marketplace for products built on or integrated with Asterisk. We are please to announce that our VXI* VoiceXML browser is today part of this new online ecosystem. AsteriskExchange™ is the premier marketplace for all things Asterisk. With thousands of new downloads per day, millions of deployments worldwide, and a community of 65,000 members, the acceptance and growth of Asterisk has spawned an ecosystem of developers, integrators, resellers, service providers and manufacturers in more than 170 countries around the world. AsteriskExchange capitalizes on the popularity of Asterisk, helping ecosystem participants to market their products to the growing Asterisk community. More information:
January 7, 2010

Digium CTO Mark Spencer at Astricon 2009

Mark Spencer answering some questions about new Digium’s annoucements about AsteriskExchange, AsteriskForge and updates at past Astricon 2009. Watch Digium CTO Mark Spencer at Astricon 2009 in Tech & Gaming |  View More Free Videos Online at
December 5, 2009

Asterisk’s facts and figures in 2009

Asterisk®, the Open Source Telephony Project adoption has grown dramatically this year; a proof of this adoption is several key metrics: *    1,540,000 downloads in 2008 *    1.03M downloads 1st half 2009 *    63,000 active participants on forums *    28,500 topics *    92,000 posts *    17,700 on active Asterisk mailing lists *    7,248 on Asterisk Bug Tracker *    820 active contributors *    2,000 new code commits in 2009 *    More than 200 service providers worldwide using Asterisk More information at Asterisk’s Blog:
November 5, 2009

Coming soon – the online marketplace for all things Asterisk

Asterisk is the world’s most popular open source telephony platform and the AsteriskExchange is the first online marketplace where products and services built on or integrated with the Asterisk platform can be marketed. The site will provide one-stop shopping for telephony solutions. AsteriskExchange is designed for marketplace activities and is targeted at Asterisk integrators, developers and solution providers. We are please about this Digium’s announcement, it’s a great news for the Asterisk’s Ecosystem! Follow AsteriskEchange:
October 13, 2009

New website layout!

Today a re-worked “” website has been published at We find a new definition about the Asterisk Open Source Software approach, with better design, contents and a new main title : “THE OPEN SOURCE TELEPHONY PROJECT”. We are please to find these new updates; of course, Asterisk was already more than a PBX for its users… This software is the most important Open Computerized Telephony Integration platform, which have a number of very useful input/output telecom channels. I6NET says: Welcome, to this new Asterisk’s community website! Source:
August 26, 2009

S-Prize: an Asterisk over 10000 Call Legs with 1 Instance!

This very insteresting challenge from Digium for next Astricon 2009, seems to have a winner. We are very happy of that great new! The first person to get an Asterisk system moving 10,000 G.711 call legs through a single instance on a single machine will get a first-class steak dinner at Astricon.  And a great bottle of wine, if that is your preference. This isn’t an X-prize, but the concept is the same – think of it as an S-prize.  ”S” means “Steak”.  Or maybe “Salad” if you’re a vegetarian. […] Ten thousand channels sounds like a lot, and it is.  But it can be done, and is already done with custom hardware from closed-source vendors. Open Source Asterisk has not been yet tested at anywhere near that high capacity, though attempts have been made in the thousands of channel […]
August 2, 2009

Digium launches Skype for Asterisk Open Beta

Past October, I6NET was at Astricon 2008 Gendale when Skype and Digium start their first partnership to make interoperable their products. Nine months after, Digium announced this week the availability of the Skype for Asterisk open beta. Skype for Asterisk Beta is a download that lets you integrate your Asterisk system with the Skype network. With Skype for Asterisk, you can: •    Make Skype to Skype calls •    Call landlines, cellphones, even grandma! •    Receive SkypeIn calls •    Make multiple Skype calls simultaneously using the same Skype account •    Read Skype profile fields •    Support DTMF •    Set and retrieve online status •    Handle incoming Skype calls using your dialplan •    Use the Asterisk PBX for voice and the Desktop for IM •    And much more! And you can do this all from your Asterisk PBX! Ordinary Skype isn’t an […]
December 18, 2008

Asterisk reaches 1.5 million download milstone in 2008!

Digium announces that its Asterisk open source telephony software was downloaded 1.5 million times in 2008 More than any other year in company history and an impressive 50 percent higher than last year. The announcement caps a year of milestones and accolades for Digium and marks a promising start to 2009, when Digium celebrates the 10th anniversary of Asterisk, the open source software that is changing the telecommunications world. Digium’s strong 2008 year highlights the attractiveness of less expensive, easily customizable open source software in the current recession. Asterisk is the world’s dominant open source telephony software. As the economic crisis worsened, Asterisk downloads rose by 32 percent from September through December, compared to a year ago. Blog references: Voipmonitor Digium Press Release: Digium announce sharp rise in Asterisk downloads in 2008