August 26, 2009

S-Prize: an Asterisk over 10000 Call Legs with 1 Instance!

This very insteresting challenge from Digium for next Astricon 2009, seems to have a winner. We are very happy of that great new! The first person to get an Asterisk system moving 10,000 G.711 call legs through a single instance on a single machine will get a first-class steak dinner at Astricon.  And a great bottle of wine, if that is your preference. This isn’t an X-prize, but the concept is the same – think of it as an S-prize.  ”S” means “Steak”.  Or maybe “Salad” if you’re a vegetarian. […] Ten thousand channels sounds like a lot, and it is.  But it can be done, and is already done with custom hardware from closed-source vendors. Open Source Asterisk has not been yet tested at anywhere near that high capacity, though attempts have been made in the thousands of channel […]