This demo shows IP Convergence is not a buzzword… Thanks to Luis C. from Celudan for  this crazy video demo using many telecom building blocks over an 3G data connection. The VXI* VoiceXML browser for Asterisk is managing the main video service and mixing all protocols, medias all interacting thru SIP, Flash Streaming, RTSP, direct video mp4,… The videocall is launched from a Samsung Omnia mobile phone (3G data connected to Internet) with just a simple Skyfire mobile browser executing a web video telephony service where the web flash ZMS softphone take a videocall… then a new world of IP communications convergence over 3G starts here… to access to any phone, operator, IP cams, any videoportals, any interactive communication, phone calls, softphones… etc

Video demo (Youtube):

List of components:

  • Omnia 3G mobile phone (Windows mobile 6)
  • Skyfire the free mobile browser including Flash 10
  • ZMS mediaserver 2.0 with VXI* connector
  • VXI* 4.1 VoiceXML browser
  • Video 3G/SIP Xtras addon
  • Asterisk 1.4/1.6 the Open Source PBX
  • 3G Builder, Celudan Rapid Application Dev. Server
  • IP Cameras, PTZ, Audio In/Out
  • Youtube, Google maps… or any web contents…

Some screenshots:


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