New VXI* 3.0 released!
April 17, 2008
New VXI* 3.1b released
May 18, 2008
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Web publishing demo for 3G mobiles phones

We are please to present an interesting demo using a 3G VoiceXML application with VXI* 3.0 platforms. This IVVR video portal will allow you to record easily a video in real time during the videocall. The content is automatically posted to a web server in 3GP and FLV formats to be played by a simple video flash player.

To test the demo, you just need to get a 3G mobile phone (with camera) and ensure you have 3G coverage with your operator (some countries may not have 3G coverage everywhere, this service is connected to Spain local PSTN/ISDN 3G network).

Please follow this:

  1. Videocall to +34 91 210 45 06 (select videocall mode in your mobile 3G phone).
  2. Follow the video portal instructions, press 1 to start recording after the beep…
  3. To stop recording press any key, the video portal show you the content recorded
  4. To confirm your video press 1 to retry recording another one press 2.
  5. The video portal will show the ID and hangup
  6. Go to the website: URL below and watch your video! It’s fast and simple.

To access to videos click here:

Have fun!

I6NET Support